Song Love #16: DANCE IT OUT

After an extended absence from my wee space, I’m returning to things in the way I know and love best. WITH A DANCE! If this song doesn’t make you shake every bit of your body in the most uncoordinated, uncool way possible, then I don’t know what will, and sometimes when things all seem a […]

My 18th: Part 1

My birthday morning was fantastic. My Grandma flew up for the weekend and Scott stayed over, so I was surrounded by many special people. I woke Scott up at 8am repeatedly saying ‘IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.’ He wasn’t best pleased 😉 I opened his presents in the bed- the most beautiful necklace (picture […]

My Little Runner Man

We’re currently on our Easter holidays and have been lucky to gain some sunny days! Though it’s still  cold  freezing (!!), it was a beautiful day and both me and Alex fancied getting outside while Mum was at work.  Alex got a new pair of trainers and he’s getting really in to running, so we went to […]