The Hilarious Family Photo

So this may look like an ordinary family photo. We’re laughing, smiling, having fun. But only because as I ran from the camera on self timer into the shot, I tripped on that raised paving you can see right at the bottom middle and very nearly face planted the ground. Now that would’ve been a hilarious family […]

STUDENT SERIES: love where you are

Let’s have a virtual conversation right now. Kath: So, where did you choose to study?’ You: [insert choice of school/college/university] Kath: Oh, great. How come you chose there? You: [insert list of things you liked] Kath: Awesome! Sounds really cool. I bet you can’t wait to get exploring, right? … That was fun. Now on […]

Is it autumn yet?

I decided to do something fun and productive on my days off last week.  I did the food shop, errands and so on, all the boring stuff that is actually really satisfying and kinda fun, before having a total movie chick flick marathon. I’m talking Sleepless in Seattle, 27 Dresses and Crazy, Stupid Love. It was so […]