Song Love #15: Sing Street

I love a film that makes you feel. I love a good cry, a belly laugh, an unstoppable grin. I try to rate my viewing experience, more often than not, by enjoyability. If it made me feel some sort of emotion quite genuinely, it’s usually a winner in my book. Fighting for my favourite film […]

Midnight in Paris

I just wanted to share with you this brilliant film my Mum and I watched last night. It had a great cast (Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Kathy Bates, Andy Serkis) and the Paris setting was beautiful. It follows Gil, a script writer trying to write his first novel, whose on a […]

How to look like Magenta

Last night I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show with Mum and Beth at the Edinburgh Playhouse. It was incredible! I’ve seen the film many times so know the songs and some of the famous lines, but I’m no expert on the etiquette involved with the stage show. It didn’t matter! When we got there, […]