CELEBRATIONS: I love you all!

Yesterday was a major cause for celebration. Not only was it Jordan’s birthday but also Lydia’s 21st… that’s a big one! Even if it hadn’t been though, any excuse for pancakes, balloons, Prosecco and late night dancing. Celebrating with these guys ended up being super special in so many ways other than the fact that […]

A (Very) Quick Update

Hello! Long time no see. Sorry for the absence, I can definitely say I am pleased to finally have the time to sit down and write on my lovely little blog again. I missed it! Things have been crazy since my birthday weekend. Studying, exams, work, moving out, moving in, decorating, shopping. There has been […]


Today I’m sharing with you guys some of my favourite pictures from my birthday last Sunday. I went home Saturday night and spent an amazing few days relaxing with my family. It was much needed! Exams are fast approaching and I’ve been busy working so I definitely needed some time at home with some of […]

CELEBRATIONS: early birthday treats!

My wonderful friend Hayley has been visiting me in Glasgow the last couple of days. Most of my other flatmates are still at home for the Easter break so it was just us for the day. She arrived mid-morning with brunch, presents and cake in tow and we spent a lovely day chilling out and exploring […]

My 18th: Part 1

My birthday morning was fantastic. My Grandma flew up for the weekend and Scott stayed over, so I was surrounded by many special people. I woke Scott up at 8am repeatedly saying ‘IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.’ He wasn’t best pleased 😉 I opened his presents in the bed- the most beautiful necklace (picture […]