Dear July

This post is inspired by a video YouTuber Essie Button recently did for another channel called ‘Dear July.’DSC_0018

Dear July,

I read a quote yesterday from JK Rowling. She said: “You will never truly know yourself or the strength of your relationships until both have been tested by adversity.”

Well, July, you’ve thrown adversity my way this month, as have many of your fellow months this year. You put a spanner in the works, caused a bump in the road, threw me in over my head, in to a situation I never thought I’d be able to handle or deal with. You tested so much of me, July. My faith in life and love, my happiness… my coping mechanism! But while you put that all on me, you also forced me to face up to a part of myself I never really had down as important element of my personality. My strength.

I never thought myself weak emotionally or physically. I mean, I beat my best and arguably fittest friend at an arm wrestle two years running with no advance preparation! However, I also never classed myself as tough or brave or particularly strong either. I feared a bad situation as a huge obstacle that I would never know how to overcome or grow and learn from. They were nightmares, dreads… fears. But as JK Rowling said, until you are forced face to face with these things, you never truly know how you’ll deal with them and move on from them.

I’ve always been fairly positive. I’m one of my closest friends ‘little ray of sunshine’ by name, and my family pick up on my positive vibes when I’m around, but I never thought this particularly significant. Yeah, I do try to see the best and beautiful in all I can, but don’t most people? Aren’t we all searching for that light, happy, beauty in life? It’s only through my adversities that I’ve realised that being positive isn’t just having a pleasant outlook on life, but it’s using it when you feel saddest, when you’re going through tragedy and heartbreak and things seem to have lost that glimmer of hope and excitement they once held. Using whatever unique trait you have that on any other day can seem normal or simple, in my case a positive outlook, on your baddest day can end up being your strength. You’ve taught me, July, that when people say ‘it’ll all work out in the end’ or ‘you’ll be fine,’ they’re saying it through experience, because they’ve been forced to find their inner strength in their lives, just as I was.

I think none of us truly know how we’ll deal with things until we do. I know my life has many more adversities in store and they won’t always seem as simple or ‘easy’ (I use that word very lightly) to move on from as recent events have, but I think I do know that as long as we hold on to our unique, positive, good elements of ourselves, we can use them to find the strength we need to carry on.

This month July, despite confusion, I was able to think logically. Despite sadness, I was able to believe in happiness. Despite crying, I was able to laugh and smile and find small joys in things. Despite anger, I was able to stay brave. Despite believing my worst nightmare would, firstly, never come and secondly, be impossible to overcome if it did, I got through, stronger and more positive and most optimistic than ever before. And along with that comes a new wave, of pride, excitement and self-belief.

While the rest of the world may deal with their adversities differently to me, I urge you all to notice when the hard times come just what it is that makes you even a little bit stronger, because I have a sneaking suspicion that that could be the very thing that shapes the next chapter in our lives into something great.

Thank you, July. For a lesson in coping and learning and a new layer of character building.

Kath xx

The Art of Being Nice

DSC_0132Back in Primary 4, my school teacher told us not to use the word ‘nice’ in our creative writing. Not even once! We couldn’t describe anyone or anything with it, we had to use our imagination and come up with something different.

Sometimes, we just need time to wallow in our own bubble of sadness/misery/disappointment/negativity etc. Maybe it’s easier than facing the problem. Maybe it’s confusion at the situation. Maybe it’s hormones. Or maybe we’re all just miserable, selfish gits sometimes! I guess they’re all fine excuses really, but too often I think these emotion and excuses get carried over from one day to the next, over and over, and before we realise it, we’re stuck in this rut where we get used to not appreciating what we have in place of feeling sorry for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for embracing whatever emotions you’re feeling, not putting up a front or forcing yourself into emotions that could worsen your mood, but when this behavior rolls on to affect not only yourself, but the world around you? It’s time to reassess things.

So I’m reclaiming the word nice, and more importantly, the practice of being nice. To people, to things, to ourselves. The truth is, it doesn’t take an awful lot of energy. As I wrote this post in my notebook, I was sat in a cafe with a cup of tea and pain au chocolat looking over the river. That was nice. As were the couple sat beside me reading their papers and occasionally breaking for more coffee and a chat. The waitress was cheerful and friendly and helpful and, you guessed it, nice.

And I won’t lie, in a town like Peebles, where ‘nice’ accompanies the town name like pickle accompanies cheese (very well indeed!), it’s easy to look around and see nice things. But surely if one small town has so much good in it, a big city like Glasgow or Edinburgh or wherever you are must be swarmed with it! I found five things in one room without even turning my head. I think sometimes we forget to take a breath, look around, and appreciate that there are really nice things all around. We get so consumed with our plans, our emotions, the places we need to be and who we need to see, we often forget to appreciate the wonders that are outside our bubble. We choose the place we live and work and study usually because we feel a connection with the people and the place, maybe we should all try that little bit harder to really appreciate it on the widest scale we can.

I guess I just think that niceness is free and easy and so often gets overshadowed in place of other things, when looking around and appreciating the good over the bad or frustrating or unexpected adds a new level of positivity that could totally alter our outlooks for the day and, perhaps, for life.

Here are some nice things I’m trying to do more actively.

1. Smile at people on the street. In a big city like Glasgow, I’ve noticed how little people do this. Why not give everyone else a chance to share a nice gesture that involves no more that 3 seconds?

2. Look around. This is easier said than done I think. I walk most places, usually with the radio or music in my headphones and before I know it, I’m at my destination and haven’t taken in anything of the journey. I’m not saying dawdle, take twice as long to walk to work or stop every 2 minutes to admire things, but just keep your eyes open to the world. Chances are, you’ll see something you never noticed before, like the cat who sits on every car roof on that street or the couple with no garden who sit on the front step with a bottle of wine every time it’s sunny.

3. Ignore any negativity. I think we all find ourselves in situations when someone, maybe yourself, makes a comment about someone or something. It may not be awful or cruel, but it also might not be that nice. When you’re in groups or with people, try to only bring positive comments to the table rather than going along with what is being said that maybe isn’t so good. This can be awkward and difficult if someone is upset or having a hard time, but just trying to put a positive spin on something tough might move it along more swiftly than you expect!

So give it a go. I expect you are all very nice people anyway, but try being more active in what you say and do and you may learn something about yourself and your attitudes!

Kath xx


ROAMING: Kassiopi, Corfu

DSC_0033 DSC_0172

I’ll admit, I didn’t set out to document this holiday. In fact, I didn’t take out my big camera until the penultimate day, then headed out with the intention to take photos on the very last morning. I do, however, have 52 minutes of video footage (classic home video style!!) and 2 disposable cameras full and ready to be developed, one of which was an underwater one! These pics make me smile, though, so I thought I’d share a small selection.

I’ve been scrap booking since the beginning of the year and it sort of satisfied my urge to document photos and stories, but I’ve really missed the depth of thought I get inspired to write about on this little corner of the internet. I know, I know, another summer, another post-three month hiatus post. I’ve no excuse.DSCN8471^^ My gorgeous Mama pedalo-ing away. This was such a fun day! A couple at a our hotel suggested we drive 15 minutes down the road to a sandy beach called Agios Spyridonas. Kassiopi had beaches but they were all pebbled so it was nice to give our feet a wee break and not come back hobbling! It was the type of sea that went out for ages at only knee height then very gradually got deeper. I was just coming out from a dip when I saw Alex and Chris running toward the pedalo we’d clocked when we arrived. It was only 15Euro for an hour and had a slide. A slide, folks! SO GOOD. We had the best time splashing around, discovering a hidden bay and snorkling away in the rocks.

After lunch, I dozed off listening to Foy Vance and James Bay then woke up for a swim as the late afternoon sun was setting in and had one of those beautiful ‘Wow. This is good.‘ moments. It was swiftly interrupted by my brother grabbing at my ankles and pulling me under but, hey, it was worth it while it lasted!! ^^
DSC_0205 DSC_0230^^ Kassiopi harbour was a haven of good restaurants, shops and bars but wandering down early in the morning, before all the visitors had headed out and when the fishermen were just coming in was lovely. The locals were all doing there shopping, restaurants were setting up for the say and there was an abundance of cats all waiting for their catch of the day ;)^^
IMG_1392^^ Oh, sweet, wonderful Pimms. All day. Every day. But not literally because our livers would not be forgiving us right now! ^^

DSC_0271 DSC_0159DSC00712^^ This dude! The sweetest, kindest, funnest little man around. He kept my spirits up and my heart happy. Even when he was being a stroppy hormonal teenager… but hey, we’ve all been there! ^^

DSC_0182^^ And, finally, a flip flop rock shot. This was the last morning so that’s the extent of my golden glow right there! It’d look fairly impressive if I didn’t have to cover up with jeans and jumpers in Scotland. I’m sticking to constant application of copius amounts of coconut body butter though, partly to maintain the tan, partly to bring back that hot summer evening scent! ^^

Where’ve you been adventuring this somewhere? Near or far? A bit of both? I’d love any recommendations! I’ve got an exploring, adventuring, roaming itch to scratch and I’ve no doubt you’ll all be able to inspire me!

Kath xx


So I’m back from my summer holiday, 3 bottles of sunblock and some worries lighter but definitely heavier from an abundance of bread, ice cream and chips. Damn temptation! 2 weeks in the sunshine is always good for the soul, but somewhere as peaceful, friendly and fun and Kassiopi, Corfu definitely added that special edge. We’re a family that visit different places, rarely going back more than once and by the end of a fortnight a little excited to get back to home comforts but this time? It was a struggle to leave. We wanted to stay at our lovely hotel with our restaurants that became regulars and the blue water at our feet wherever we went, and we’re all kind of longing to go back very soon.

Sad as we were to leave though, I’m excited for summer. This summer is for me. Having 2 weeks (the longest stretch of time since I moved out!) with my family was absolute bliss and after a few days in Peebles, I’ll be back in Glasgow with a fresh head and fresh goals. I’m going to focus on myself, my friends and those things that seem appealing to do or try but never usually get a second thought. And – at the risk of sounding like a dodgy self help book! – I’m going to try saying yes to things, being more focused on my goals and just figure out what I can do to make the best out of me. Okay, really does sound like a self help guide now!!! Moving on…

Friends. Since the start of the year I’ve been pretty rubbish at keeping regular contact with my friends with the exception of a few. With new flatmates, a shift in staff at work and a new year at uni looming, I’ve realised it’s about time I focus on them. Being with them, doing things, planning things, seeing things. Things have been busy and hectic for everyone but when I flick through my scrapbook and see friends smiling faces, I really miss making those memories with them all.

Reading. I read 4 books on holiday. Got 60% through 2 (I have loved using my Kobo reader but it makes it very is to stop and start books if you’re not into them!!!) and a few chapters into another. It’s been fun. I’ve deactivated Facebook temporarily to give myself a break from unnecessarily scrolling through nothing every time I pick up my phone and hope to make turning on my laptop and launching the Friends boxset for the 100th time not the first thing I do when I walk in the door! I only seem to nap when I read too and there’s something deeply satisfying about waking up after an hour long snooze you never quite expected!
Trying things. I’ve wanted to do pottery classes for ages and have looked numerous time at the website and ignored the ***ONLY 6 PLACES LEFT BANNER!*** for no reason. I keep meaning to walk up to Glasgow Necropolis on a sunny afternoon (can I blame the weather for that one?!) and I’ve long since neglected a lazy afternoon roaming the West End of Glasgow and ending up with a picnic for one in the Botanics. Scottish summer or not, I’m gonna get up and go with these things in every free moment I have.

But for right now? My 2 week withdrawal from a good mug of tea is drawing to an end. Body’s will cease trembling, cold sweats will ebb away … I’m going in.

Speak soon,

Kath x

My Guide to Calm

So, this week has been pretty crappy! Despite a couple of really fun dates with friends and catch ups with family, I’ve just felt a little brought down by other things. Things that I know will be fine and really have no reason to worry about but still, I’ve been unable to shake that unsettled, rubbish-y feeling. What I’m really in need of is a lazy weekend with Scott and an extended period of time back at home with the family, but all in good time!

I know it’s completely normal to feel like this for a day, a week or even longer, and I also know there are so many people feeling worse and with more reason to do so. I’ve been trying all my go to things to lift my mood and they’ve all helped. Even though I’m only just getting back to feeling 100%, it all helped bring myself down to a more reasonable level of calm and helped relax my mind and body for the evening so I could at least snuggle down for a good nights 3

Talk: I spoke to all my family and my closest friends about how I was feeling to process it all and that so help! It reminded me that this week is one out of many, that feeling sad and worrying won’t actually help and that I’m not alone in my life right now. In the end, that’s what you need friends and family for, to remind you of those things.

Indulge: now, what I indulged in may not sound great to everyone, but for me? It was sheer bliss! Let me give you the back story. On Wednesday, Mum and I planned to meet in Edinburgh and I was going to take her for an early Mother’s Day meal. All the trains were heavily delayed and cancelled and the weather was awful so in the end, we ended up cancelling. On top of how I was already feeling, this made everything a lot worse. By worse, I mean sitting in the train station sobbing away not even caring who saw, ahaha. I headed back to the flat and called in the shops for chips on the way home. I had gravy in the freezer so literally just ate a bowl of gravy soaked oven chips. It was so good! I then proceeded to eat 10 chocolate cookies and, after a few weeks of eating really well recently, I felt so sick! But guilt free, so it was okay, I needed it!

Mope: don’t feel guilty for crying or watching bad TV or staying in bed… unless you have other responsibilities to be attending to! If you’ve had a bad time of it and you’re in the position where you can take some time to do nothing for a little while, just go for it. If you still have jobs or work or things you really have to get done? Just think of the free time after you’ve completed it and look at that as a goal.

Make: by the evening, my day felt pretty much wasted, so I headed to the kitchen to make some food. I’d (clearly) already had my sugar, fat and calorie intake for the day so I just had some chicken goujons and a mini veggie stir fry. I did everything from scratch and that hour or so just focusing on something I enjoy doing was good for me.

Stretch: I was feeling so tense and heavy after a day of not much movement or release of any energy. I don’t often do yoga, but when I do, I love it. I just went on YouTube and had a wee watch of a few different mini yoga sessions but ended up just doing some of my favourite stretches and focusing on the feeling of it to relax my body. My head still felt a little full and muddled, but my body felt far more calm and comfortable!

Bathe: for me, nothing beats a hot bath or shower to warm my body up and calm me back down. Light your favourite candles, put on some music or a favourite TV show (that doesn’t require too much attention!), some lovely smelly stuff and just lay back and enjoy.

Listen: I love Jonsi and the other night I just put on his album ‘Go Do’ and listened to that. It’s so slow and peaceful yet fast and exciting that you can relax but be distracted by something at the same time, perfect for if you feel like your mind is in overdrive and you’re worrying about everything. 

Sleep: obviously, the most important bit! And fairly self explanatory! Hopefully after the super relaxing evening you’ve had, you’ll start to dose off. Try and push any negative stuff from your mind, focus on your breathing or listen to more music if that helps too. Reading sometimes helps me but often by this point I’m too tired to do it. Something I also like to try (but usually fail to achieve) is taking all my thoughts and putting them on a box. I break things down into chunks eg. friends/uni/work/family etc. and one by one really try to envision in my mind putting that topic in a box in my mind. If there’s a lot of, say, university stress in my life, I’ll break that down smaller. You have to really imagine though. One time I did it successfully and my whole head literally (but not literally literally) just emptied and I felt so much lighter and calmer. It is hard though, but hopefully if you can’t get it to work, you’ll have dosed off in the long and tedious process anyway 😉

I hope for some of you this may help you channel your stress and worries more easily. Even if it’s been a perfectly happy day, I think sometimes it is good to add that next level of relaxation again to set you up for the days ahead. I am sure all the world will be back to rights in my life very soon and until then, I’m just reminding myself of the things to be grateful for. I wanted to share how I feel because, life isn’t always jolly sunshine-y wishes and pretty things in anyone’s world, most definitely not mine! But it is really good, and I know it, even on a week like this.

So take a breath, think things through and follow some or all of these steps and let me know if you feel a little lighter for it 🙂 Kath xx

P.S. Obviously everyone is different. These are just the things that help me and work for me but there are so many ways to help yourself when you need it. Do what works for you until you find the things that truly work to calm and relax yourself.

TVT MONTHLY // February



Kicking off with my favourite photo of the month above. Me and my oh, so pretty Mama! ❤

Crafting: a scrapbook for this year with my Smash Folio book I received from Dad at Christmas! At first I was a bit stuck to how I’d work round the doodles already on the pages but it makes it so much more fun. Check out their ranges for inspiration. My Dad got me the stuff from Hobbycraft but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere.

Planning: a trip back down South in June with Scott. We’re going to do a mix of plane and train travelling to get down to the family. Not much else has been planned so far but we are going to take a day to go over to the Isle of Wight and see Osborne HouseSO EXCITED FOR THIS!

Feeling: grateful for the wonderful loved ones I have. A fun week with nearly all my family in England, dinner out with my friends, a lovely party at Scott’s family house and a long overdue weekend spent with my man. I’m surrounded by lots of very special people!

Wishing: for spring and summer and sun and ice cream and beaches and holidays and dresses and ahhhh summer!

Reading: Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton (really good!), the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (okay, so I only skim read the Spark Notes!!) and Orlando by Virginia Woolf (working my way through this one… it’s interesting…?!) All on my English Lit. reading list.

Watching: too much TV in general. But I did watch the TV adaptation of Jane Eyre (the 2006 BBC version) so surely that counts as work? Right? RIGHT?!

Listening: to a lot of George Ezra. I like him a lot. Especially the ‘Listen to the Man’ video, makes me smile!

Reflecting: on how fast this month has gone. What?!

Embracing: every ray of sunshine that graces us with its presence!

Longing: to visit the beach. I don’t know why I’ve had such an urge but I keep getting flashbacks to a day trip to Gullane Beach in 2013 and Troon last year with my wee bro. This year? THE IONIAN SEA! Hahaha.

Seeing: family lots more.

Adoring: my friend Elle. Haven’t seen her since last month but we’ve literally as I wrote this blog post planned a wee meet up and I cannot wait!!!

Worrying: about essay hand ins. I’m happy with the work but it’s this constant worry as to whether I’m getting the right idea. Eek!

Realising: that I’m actually still a first year and getting the grades I am is good. Really good actually! I just need to remember that and not put unnecessary pressure on myself when I’m still at the very initial learning stages

Sharing: my advice to my younger self with my #DearMe post earlier this week. Such a good campaign for self and others.

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous month. March is hear so it must mean it’s officially Spring now! Roll on!

Kath xx


Dear Me,DSC_0164

I’d say don’t worry, but I can tell you right now, you’re not going to stop doing that! And that’s okay. Worrying about things is okay. Sometimes it’s important to show someone you care. Sometimes it reminds you of the risk of doing something. Sometimes, it just allows you that little bit of extra time you need to put everything in to perspective and think clearly. But just remember why you worry. Remember to care.

But don’t worry about problems that don’t exist. The little things you or someone else has said or done that makes you think maybe it’s not right, maybe it’s not going to be okay. Chances are, that comment was said on a whim, in a moment, with no true meaning behind it. When you think about all the good bits, all the kind words, all the true emotions? There really was nothing to it.

Don’t worry about friends. I mean, worry about them if they’re having a tough time and you feel like you can’t help, but don’t worry about being a good friend. Show you care, put in effort, share the love you have for them, and they’ll know how important they are to you. And if they don’t show it back? Then don’t forget about every person in your life who does.

Don’t worry about failing or not achieving. You are doing well! You are achieving what you are capable of! You are working hard! Don’t let yourself think you’re any less that you are, don’t worry that you don’t match up to this person or that thing. Everyone is just making their path in the world. Stick to yours and do what you can and it will figure it out.

Don’t worry about things that are out of your control. Other people will make other decisions for themselves and that is okay. One day, maybe they’ll want or need your advice, just like you want and need there’s. Don’t forget, you’ve made mistakes or bad judgments and everything is fine right now. So will they.

Don’t worry about your baby brother! So he isn’t a baby any more! He’s doing pretty good now and is the sweetest, kindest nearly-15 year old boy around, don’t worry about him and the fact you don’t get to see him every day. You still love each other as much as you did the day he waved you off at university a year and a half ago. You’ll both survive!

Don’t worry about the choices you make. They might be wrong, even the big ones (ie. university course!!) but everything in your life is yours to choose and control and shape. There’s a way to do it, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Go with your gut and your heart, and sometimes your head, and if it doesn’t work out, something else will.

And finally, don’t worry about the things you love to do in your life. No matter what is going on every day, even if you don’t think about every single thing you love, it doesn’t mean you don’t care. Don’t worry if you can’t take the photos you wish you could, don’t worry if you can’t find time to blog and share, don’t worry if you can’t find the inspiration to write when you want to.

Everything will be fine. So don’t worry. Just care. A lot. 

Sunny Seaside Day

DSC_0221Hallo, lovely people of the blog world!

I spent the first half of last week down in England visiting my family. I didn’t make it down over Christmas because of work so a visit was much needed. I spent a few days with my Dad and then my sister and I drove down to my Grandma and Papa’s house where Mum and Alex had arrived a couple of days earlier. Everyone was ill with different forms of flu and cold sicknesses so it ended up a pretty lazy, lethargic weekend… it was kind of perfect really.

We headed out on a beautiful sunshine-y day to Southsea sea front and I got out of a photography rut I’d been stuck it. I just wasn’t feeling confident with the photos I’d taken so Dad gave me a wee refresher course and some new tips. They’re not perfect, but I’m a lot happier with the lighting now. Luckily I had a bright sunny day to make it a little easier to practice with, haha.

I’ve put (nearly!) all my favourite snaps just in the one post so get a cuppa and brace yourself!! 
DSC_0071DSC_0173DSC_0105DSC_0114DSC_0144^^I have so many happy memories from when I was younger on this beach. We used to live in Portsmouth so were always close to the sea front. Summer or winter, it’s the perfect place for fresh air and fun. I love that you can walk from a miniature golf ground to a lake with pedalos and mini motor boats, an old pier to a historic castle, a fun fair with arcades and roller coasters to a hovercraft launchpad (?!), and from a modern shopping precinct to a historic dockyard, all within the space of an hour or so! It’s a special place to me and I never get sick of the sparkling sea and gorgeous views.

My coat was from M&S years ago, my scarf from Primark last Autumn and my sunglasses are Topshop.^^
DSC_0220 DSC_0225DSC_0199^^Aww, my sweet Grandma and Papa. We stayed with them for a few nights and it was much fun. They’re wonderful ❤

Also, the photo above of me on the wall? That was about 10 seconds before I jumped off, adding about a foot to the already 3-4 foot high wall, landed on my feet but continued to roll forward and ended up sprawled out face first on Southsea sea front. Everyone saw. I managed to get grazes on both hands and my knee, but somehow my tights stayed completely intact. No holey knees in sight, ahaha.^^

DSC_0270DSC_0265DSC_0278^^It was lovely spending time with my Mama, away and then when we headed home. I hate not seeing her all the time so it was lovely to have a week of catching up and having giggles. She’s so pretty, hehe! ^^

DSC_0274 ^^I’m sure if I wasn’t as in to geometrics and bright colours, I’d decorate everything with beachy, driftwood vibes. Too many pretty things to choose from!!^^
DSC_0325 DSC_0079DSC_0337

^^We were out as it started to get darker so we got a gorgeous bit of that evening light. Look at Alex! He’s getting so big and old, ahaha. He’s taller than pretty much every member of my family now, it’s crazy!^^

DSC_0233 DSC_0234^^I just put these two photos in because they’re so special to me. They’re both such lovely, natural shots, makes me smile.^^

It was wonderful to be down with everyone. I had a fab day in London with my Dad too, pictures to come of that when him and B send me there snaps. I wanted to gather them all up together.

It was lovely to get home after, despite the fact Mum has caught an awful cold and I had lots of essay work to do. The only thing is, I’m now back in Glasgow, back at university after my reading week, feeling very lethargic! I’m struggling to adjust back to the busy day way of life. I know it’ll just take a few days but I get how people fall in to a rut of being lazy and inactive. I really do not like it! Makes me feel grumpy and stuck and a bit gross. The torrential rain showers really aren’t helping either.

I’ll see you all soon as first step to getting back to normal is stopping this no-blog slump I’ve been t. It only makes me feel unhappy so I’m going to get back to normal ASAP!

Kath xx

TVT MONTHLY // January

Hello, everyone!

It’s already time for my roundup from January. It really doesn’t feel like just a month ago, Scott and I were flying off to Amsterdam, exploring somewhere new. Time flies when life happens it turns out! I’m kicking off with my favourite snap from the month. I’ve taken no photos this month with the exception of our trip and a few iPhone shots. It’s been fairly uneventful in terms of socialising. I had a party reunion with old school friends (too. much. wine.) and a pizza night with pals, but other than that, everyone has been getting back in to the swing of things post-Christmas. This snap is one of my favourites from Amsterdam. I could’ve chosen just one but this was from the day we just wandered aimlessly and with all the pretty buildings and bikes in the background, it just takes me right back!

Roll on with the post!

DSC_0365Cooking: stews, hotpots and delicious concoctions in my new slow cooker!

Crafting: new pages to go in my Christmas scrapbook.

Planning: hand luggage for a week for my trip down to England next week. I went a bit mad for the mini products in boots- they are just so cute! I’ll share some tips if anyone is interested?

Feeling: tired and generally lethargic! I think I caught the January bug and just lost all enthusiasm for anything. I’m telling myself that now I’m in to February, I need to sort it out and get my burst back!

Wishing: for sunny cold days to stick around. But if I’m wishing, maybe I want sunny hot days…

Reading: Jane Eyre and falling so in love with it! It is so beautifully written, I can’t believe I haven’t read it before!

Watching: Broadchurch, Friends, Hart of Dixie, all my favourites. But I have been watching them slightly less- evenings only, otherwise I’ll never get through the reading list for English Lit!

Listening: to audiobooks for my course! I was struggling to find the time (or energy!) to read my book as much as I needed to so listening to them is a great alternative as I can do so when walking to and from work or uni, while I get ready in the morning or while I cook. So handy!

Reflecting: on friendships and how good being around lovely people can make you feel.

Embracing: an excuse to heat curries, stews and hotpots while it’s still cold outside.

Longing: for essay deadlines to be in the past, not future!

Seeing: Scott as much as I can, friends as much as I can, but sadly family too little 😦

Adoring: my ABM Happy Mail subscription! Just check it out here...

Worrying: about upping my game and results, about not putting enough time in to the things that I should, about worrying too much and not making the most each day like I normally try to.

Realising: I need to chill out and make the most of each day like I try to! I think it’s time to watch About Time… always kicks me back in to order when it comes to lifestyle choices and general happiness!

Sharing: happiness with little letters (from my ABM Happy Mail!) and early Valentines gifts to loved one. Choccies and sweets for Mum and Alex and a wee bath set for Bryony from LUSH.

I hope you’ve had a good start to 2015. If you’re anything like me and the people I know, we’re all ready for a bit more warmth and some fresh buds on the trees! Not long to go!

Kath xx

Catch Ups

Hello, there!

Things have been a little busy round here lately, hense the lack of posting- sorry! The winter weather has been pretty drab and uninspiring and when paired with a huge pile of books to read and a new obsession for Earl Grey tea, it has been hard not to resist curling up under a blanket and shutting the blinds!

I thought I’d just share a wee update of my general goings on based on some iPhone photos I’ve been snapping!
page 2

^^Over Christmas and New Year, I got to spend a lot of time at home which was just a dream! I spent many days wandering around my wee town, enjoying the winter sunshine and wishing I could go home more often. There’s a big hill about 5 minutes from my house which I used to march up when I felt unfit/sad/hormonal/stressed and just get some energy out and some fresh air in. It was bliss to go up there again and look out over the rolling hills.

One of my Christmas gifts from Mum and Chris was tickets to see the Nutcracker ballet on 3rd January. It was so beautiful! It was my first ballet and there were moments when Mum and I just grabbed out for each other because of how stunning it was! We headed to a restaurant in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh called the Thai Lemongrass. It was INCREDIBLE! It was so authentically Thai so had the kick you’d expect but as long as you didn’t eat a whole chilli (like I did…!) it’s the perfect balance of flavour and spice!^^

page^^Back in Glasgow, we’ve been graced with the presence of snow, ice and cold. Woohoo! *sense the sarcasm* Usually I love winter, but this year I’ve really understood why people get so fed up of it so quickly. I’m so ready for Spring right now! It has made for many pretty, crisp sunshine-y days though which are just beautiful but with university work, I’ve not really had full opportunity to make the most of them! I’ve also been heading out with friends for much needed post-Christmas catch ups which has involved a lotta white wine… why have I started liking that stuff?! Not good!^^page 3^^My Christmas present from Dad was a slow cooker and I have been obsessed with rustling up dishes! To the point where I’m running out of room to store all the leftovers ready for another day. Oops! Scott has been my test subject and it has now got the point where I’m having to take tubs of food over to Stirling when I visit. He doesn’t seem to complain so all is good! I’ve a cottage pie cooking away as we speak. I’m hoping to share some of my favourite recipes if that’s something you guys would be interested in seeing? I’m so excited to arrive home from work to that one, that’s for sure! I also had a big pizza ice cream night with friends which was very chilled out a good chance to eat our body weight in carbs guilt free 😉 I have been marching around Glasgow burning off all the calories though and finally got a chance to head back to the Botanics. My favourite place ever <3^^

I really hope to get back into the rhythm of my regular posts because I miss writing, taking pictures and chatting with fellow bloggies around the web!

Much love for now,

Kath xx