Song Love #16: DANCE IT OUT

After an extended absence from my wee space, I’m returning to things in the way I know and love best. WITH A DANCE! If this song doesn’t make you shake every bit of your body in the most uncoordinated, uncool way possible, then I don’t know what will, and sometimes when things all seem a little stressful and pressure filled, dancing it out is the best way forward.

If all you need is a dance to lift your mood, brighten your day, change your outlook and feel alive, then I want to introduce you to my latest inspiration, Alison of The Alison Show. I follow her on Insta and Snapchat but I’m pretty sure she is everywhere. Watching her shake and boogie 24/7 makes me laugh, smile, cheer and join right in with her. Makes my day every time!

Now stop reading, blare out Bruno and GET DANCING!!!!!

Kath x

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