Song Love #15: Sing Street

I love a film that makes you feel. I love a good cry, a belly laugh, an unstoppable grin. I try to rate my viewing experience, more often than not, by enjoyability. If it made me feel some sort of emotion quite genuinely, it’s usually a winner in my book. Fighting for my favourite film are Brooklyn and About Time for this very reason. About Time was a long standing lone contender until I saw Brooklyn last year and just had my heart melt a million times over (Saoirse Ronan is fabulous!). I thought it’d be a fair while before something else had the same affect on me as those films.

Enter Sing Street. There was quite literally not a second in this film when I wasn’t laughing, crying, smiling or dancing (Yep, we danced. Any Kermode and Mayo podcast listeners out there? I’m sure this was ‘against the code of conduct’ but we ensured the row was empty and not to disrupt anyone else!!) I’m not going to review it technically because there are people far better qualified out there for that, but I can assure you this film not only passed my enjoyability test but also qualifies in my eyes as a ‘good film’ in every other aspect. Here’s the trailer for anyone interested in knowing the story (not that I can understand why anyone wouldn’t be interested in this gem!):


The trailer puts a lot of emphasis on the music of 80s bands but the films heart for me was in the music of the band Cosmo puts together. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack pretty much all day, every day since seeing the film. It’s catchy, fun, upbeat and cheerful. It warms the heart, sweetens the soul and brings joy to your day. See the film. Listen to the soundtrack. Feel happy. SIMPLE!

Kath x



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