From 20…

20.jpgWhen I turned 20, it felt like I was finally the age I had been for years previously. Little did I know, 20 was a whole new thing all by itself! It was a big year for me. I realised a lot about myself, my relationships developed and altered and my hormones changed (no one warned me about this one so I feel I have to share!!). Through all these changes which seemed drastic and scary at the time though came some of the greatest times. So, for my own sake and for the sake of sharing with friends, I wanted to document 20 of my favourite memories of being 20. These are by no means all and every happy memory, but they’re the ones that pop in to my mind first. Some are a bit extravagant, some are small, some are emotional… it’s been a mixed bag of a year but mostly, it’s been full of love, laughter and happiness

  1. Crying on Hayley: I’ve covered this memory here.
  2. Kassiopi, Corfu: this family holiday could not have fallen at a better time. Two weeks in the sunshine with them was nothing short of perfect. To have a complete break away to read, swim, sleep, eat, drink and laugh was so special. Here’s a link to my post about Kassiopi itself because I would wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone and I’m desperate to go back myself.
  3. Getting a puppy: I never thought I’d see the day when I would be excited about a dog, but wee Sparky converted me!
  4. Spontaneous family trips: whether it was sister coming to Glasgow or me heading down to them, spending as much time as I could with my family over summer was fabulous!
  5. Hayley’s birthday day out: we ventured out in to the Fringe festival with one show booked and ended up attending two more, with food and drinks in between, a ride on the Ferris wheel, a failed attempt to go clubbing and a regrettable trip to McDonald’s. What a day?!
  6. Work night out: September came which meant a night out with my work gals. I was high as a kite in work all day and did not crash until I went to bed in the early hours! Plenty of prosecco, Mexican food (though we can hardly even remember what it was like!), a surprise birthday cake for one of my best gals, bumping in to old friends in the pub then dancing in to the wee hours.
  7. Girls night out: university recommenced and with it came a string of catch ups. A night out with (nearly) all my girls from first year halls was fab. We danced. Oh, we danced!
  8. Finding flat friends: just before I turned 20, I was crying in the train station to my Mum, stressed about having to find new flatmates who I didn’t know. A year on, I’ve found two of the most special friends as well as flatmates to share endless laughs and lots of food with!
  9. Annual bonfire bash: year three and it was another fabulous evening! Rounds of Articulate, food and wine were all in abundance.
  10. Finding my strong: from about October onwards, I started exercising and until about December, I was working out about 3 or 4 times a week. Just in my room, doing my own wee routine to some cracking tunes, but it got me fit and strong (20 press ups… very impressive for me!) Admittedly, I stopped around Christmas and haven’t picked it up but I’m happy just knowing how capable I was of that sort of determination and commitment to something of my own free will!
  11. Christmas pub quiz: the biggest blessing of changing my degree was that I got to make friends with my literature gang. The five of us just laugh constantly and our end of exam celebration was a night I’ll remember for life. We won washing up tablets, by the way.
  12. Family Christmas: I got to have a busy, bustling extended Christmas down South with all my family! It was just the way I’d imagined it would be… even if Dad did forget my cabbage.
  13. Hayley’s Family: maybe I’m cheating here but both seeing Hayley’s Mum get married and a few weeks later celebrating a big Christmas bash were so fun! We cooked and entertained for 10 people and some of the feedback included “the best roast dinner I’ve had in about 5 years!”
  14. Kitchen Party: again, with my literature gang. Dinner turned in to a disco. This disco included recreating the twist scene from Pulp Fiction, slow dancing to Heroes and some great renditions of gangster rap. They left. They came back again. They stayed until the early hours playing Cards Against Humanity and then we wearily attended our lecture the next day.
  15. Hen Weekend: Aviemore is just beautiful, as was the lodge we stayed in. Such a fun weekend with lots of new, lovely people.
  16. Kitchen Party #2: more of the same. Dinner, Cards Against Humanity, dancing, a missed screening of a play we’d bought tickets for, then drinks at the pub!
  17. Christine & Richard’s wedding: seeing one of my favourite people in the world get married to the sweetest man was so special. Getting to do a reading in the ceremony was just magical. I love these two ❤
  18. Finding Calm: I discovered the Calm app. While I don’t use it every day (I know I should), it was amazing when I needed to clear my mind and just relax.
  19. Dancing always: if there was one thing I had to pick out from the last year that I’ve done most, it’d be dance. That probably reflected in this list! In the kitchen, round my room, in the shower, at bars and clubs, at ceilidh dances and balls, weddings and celebrations and also once, in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere! Nothing fills my heart with more joy than dancing with people I love so I’ve been doing it as much as I can.
  20. Loving my degree: I realised how much I enjoy working hard and feeling a little pressured when it’s for something I truly enjoy and care about.

Kath x

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