Taking Stock // August

This list and post inspiration is taken from Pip at Meet Me At Mike’s blog!


Hello! Would it be wrong to make a very generic ‘where has the month gone?!’ comment? How about a where has the summer gone? No? No better. Auch well, it’s done now! It has been, all in all, a pretty good month, filled with fun, laughter, firsts but also a wee drop of self doubt and confusion. Things are all building up to my return to university and the autumn for me though so I’m just enjoying focusing on all the fun stuff to come! Roll on September!!

Making : as many fun memories as I possibly can with the last bit of summer!
Cooking : no where near enough.
Drinking : delicious oaty-yogurty-fruity-frozen smoothies for brekkie. So yum!
Reading : Miranda July’s The First Bad Man (which was just incredible!) and now Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.
Wanting : to switch off from a busy week and relax this weekend.
Looking : at our sweet new puppy, Sparky.
Playing : with the new puppy. All day. It’s hard work.
Deciding : whether to post this tonight or tomorrow.
Wishing : I could be somewhere foreign, beautiful, tropical and fun.
Enjoying : being home.
Waiting : for all my pals to come back to Glasgow!
Liking : a lot, but today? This video of Swifty and Lisa Kudrow singing smelly cat! DREAM COME TRUE.
Wondering : what to do tomorrow.
Loving : a lot ❤
Pondering : what direction I want to go with my wee internet spot here.
Considering : a new, slightly more rigid routine to adjust myself in time for back to uni.
Buying : new baby gifts!
Watching : too many romcoms on Netflix… they just make me bawl like a baby!
Hoping : 
for a dry, bright morning so I can march up the hills.
Marvelling : at the beautiful homes on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.
Cringing : away from our stinky puppy. He stinks. Seriously. Stinks!
Needing : a little more clarity and perspective, especially this past week.
Questioning : whether the ads on TV nowadays really work on anyone…
Smelling : curry and dog. Nice.
Wearing : my brothers huge and most fluffy dressing gown!
Following : Foy Vance on Twitter for much needed tour updates. *begins chanting* GLASGOW GLASGOW GLASGOW!
Noticing : how it’s so quick to get wound up but so hard to wind down!
Knowing : things are really good.
Thinking : things are REALLY good!
Admiring : each unique element I love most in all of my friends. Feisty-ness, selflessness, dedication and so many more wonderful traits.
Sorting : the flat in time for new flatmates returning!
Getting : excited to be back at uni.
Bookmarking : this post that James from Bleubird shared on establishing a morning routine.
Coveting : Naomi’s beautiful backpack in this post! (LOVE her blog!)
Disliking : the weird warm-cold weather mix going on.
Opening : this beautiful print I recently purchased as a new baby gift.
Giggling : with friends, old and new, while playing Cards Against Humanity during a massive sugar high!
Feeling : excitable.
Snacking : all the chip and dip. Give me tortillas and salsa any time of day. Even for breakfast (guilty as charged)!
Helping : out with as much new puppy sitting as I can.
Hearing : rain on my window as I listen to City and Colour’s album Bring Me Your Love. So pretty.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful month too. What has been the highlight of your summer?

All the loves!

Kath xx

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