Song Love #14: Heart Music

I was reluctant to share this post. You know when you find something you just love so much you want to keep it secret and private and special just for yourself? That way you can pretend like it’s yours and only yours and no one else can alter it or your opinion of it. That’s how I feel about Foy Vance.

I’ve always enjoyed music, all different kinds, new and old, most genres but it’s not something I connected with my emotions as much as, say, writing. But I was introduced to Foy Vance as I sat weeping on my best friend’s shoulder, candles surrounding us (to get rid of the midgies!) on a summer’s evening when all I really needed to do was cry. Somehow amidst the sobbing though I tuned in to what album she’d put on and found myself really listening, despite all the other stuff going on in my head at that particular moment. I haven’t stopped listening to his album since then and can pinpoint numerous moments he has accompanied me laughing, crying or just feeling good. As I marched up a hill with the volume up on full, the chorus of ‘Closed Hand, Full of Friends’ made me feel this insane physical relief. The simple lyric ‘I’m feeling alright now’ was just the perfect summary of my emotions from the past, present and future. It just fit with what I thought and felt right there and then.

I listen to his music when happy, sad or somewhere in between and feel like I’m being transported to this other place. I can’t help but listen to the story, sings the lyrics (even when in public!) and imagine all future situations where I can listen to his music. In an Irish bar with my best pal listening to an acoustic set, at a gig with hundreds of people around that I won’t even notice and surrounded by loved ones with good drinks and good laughs. It says on his website, “these [songs] are anthems that remind us that the spirit always rebounds.” His music for me does exactly that. It brightens my day, lifts my mood, reminds me what I really care about, takes me back to bittersweet memories and ultimately makes my soul and heart feel pretty darn good in the end.

So listen. Take in the words and the music. Turn it up full blast with your headphones in and ignore whatever else if going on in your world or the world. Ignore your head and heart and surroundings and just let that beautiful music take you wherever you want to go! I’m starting to realise that my ability to imagine myself in situations, in places with people, quite vividly is something that allows me to feel more positive about the future when I most need to. I don’t know if it’s something everyone else does, or no one at all, but try and be wherever your mind wants you to be. It’s bliss!

Kath xx

P.S. If you enjoyed this post and Foy Vance’s music, please check out his website- the way he talks about his music is wonderful. Here’s the link to the shop where you can buy his album too!

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