ROAMING: Kassiopi, Corfu

DSC_0033 DSC_0172

I’ll admit, I didn’t set out to document this holiday. In fact, I didn’t take out my big camera until the penultimate day, then headed out with the intention to take photos on the very last morning. I do, however, have 52 minutes of video footage (classic home video style!!) and 2 disposable cameras full and ready to be developed, one of which was an underwater one! These pics make me smile, though, so I thought I’d share a small selection.

I’ve been scrap booking since the beginning of the year and it sort of satisfied my urge to document photos and stories, but I’ve really missed the depth of thought I get inspired to write about on this little corner of the internet. I know, I know, another summer, another post-three month hiatus post. I’ve no excuse.DSCN8471^^ My gorgeous Mama pedalo-ing away. This was such a fun day! A couple at a our hotel suggested we drive 15 minutes down the road to a sandy beach called Agios Spyridonas. Kassiopi had beaches but they were all pebbled so it was nice to give our feet a wee break and not come back hobbling! It was the type of sea that went out for ages at only knee height then very gradually got deeper. I was just coming out from a dip when I saw Alex and Chris running toward the pedalo we’d clocked when we arrived. It was only 15Euro for an hour and had a slide. A slide, folks! SO GOOD. We had the best time splashing around, discovering a hidden bay and snorkling away in the rocks.

After lunch, I dozed off listening to Foy Vance and James Bay then woke up for a swim as the late afternoon sun was setting in and had one of those beautiful ‘Wow. This is good.‘ moments. It was swiftly interrupted by my brother grabbing at my ankles and pulling me under but, hey, it was worth it while it lasted!! ^^
DSC_0205 DSC_0230^^ Kassiopi harbour was a haven of good restaurants, shops and bars but wandering down early in the morning, before all the visitors had headed out and when the fishermen were just coming in was lovely. The locals were all doing there shopping, restaurants were setting up for the say and there was an abundance of cats all waiting for their catch of the day ;)^^
IMG_1392^^ Oh, sweet, wonderful Pimms. All day. Every day. But not literally because our livers would not be forgiving us right now! ^^

DSC_0271 DSC_0159DSC00712^^ This dude! The sweetest, kindest, funnest little man around. He kept my spirits up and my heart happy. Even when he was being a stroppy hormonal teenager… but hey, we’ve all been there! ^^

DSC_0182^^ And, finally, a flip flop rock shot. This was the last morning so that’s the extent of my golden glow right there! It’d look fairly impressive if I didn’t have to cover up with jeans and jumpers in Scotland. I’m sticking to constant application of copius amounts of coconut body butter though, partly to maintain the tan, partly to bring back that hot summer evening scent! ^^

Where’ve you been adventuring this somewhere? Near or far? A bit of both? I’d love any recommendations! I’ve got an exploring, adventuring, roaming itch to scratch and I’ve no doubt you’ll all be able to inspire me!

Kath xx


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