So I’m back from my summer holiday, 3 bottles of sunblock and some worries lighter but definitely heavier from an abundance of bread, ice cream and chips. Damn temptation! 2 weeks in the sunshine is always good for the soul, but somewhere as peaceful, friendly and fun and Kassiopi, Corfu definitely added that special edge. We’re a family that visit different places, rarely going back more than once and by the end of a fortnight a little excited to get back to home comforts but this time? It was a struggle to leave. We wanted to stay at our lovely hotel with our restaurants that became regulars and the blue water at our feet wherever we went, and we’re all kind of longing to go back very soon.

Sad as we were to leave though, I’m excited for summer. This summer is for me. Having 2 weeks (the longest stretch of time since I moved out!) with my family was absolute bliss and after a few days in Peebles, I’ll be back in Glasgow with a fresh head and fresh goals. I’m going to focus on myself, my friends and those things that seem appealing to do or try but never usually get a second thought. And – at the risk of sounding like a dodgy self help book! – I’m going to try saying yes to things, being more focused on my goals and just figure out what I can do to make the best out of me. Okay, really does sound like a self help guide now!!! Moving on…

Friends. Since the start of the year I’ve been pretty rubbish at keeping regular contact with my friends with the exception of a few. With new flatmates, a shift in staff at work and a new year at uni looming, I’ve realised it’s about time I focus on them. Being with them, doing things, planning things, seeing things. Things have been busy and hectic for everyone but when I flick through my scrapbook and see friends smiling faces, I really miss making those memories with them all.

Reading. I read 4 books on holiday. Got 60% through 2 (I have loved using my Kobo reader but it makes it very is to stop and start books if you’re not into them!!!) and a few chapters into another. It’s been fun. I’ve deactivated Facebook temporarily to give myself a break from unnecessarily scrolling through nothing every time I pick up my phone and hope to make turning on my laptop and launching the Friends boxset for the 100th time not the first thing I do when I walk in the door! I only seem to nap when I read too and there’s something deeply satisfying about waking up after an hour long snooze you never quite expected!
Trying things. I’ve wanted to do pottery classes for ages and have looked numerous time at the website and ignored the ***ONLY 6 PLACES LEFT BANNER!*** for no reason. I keep meaning to walk up to Glasgow Necropolis on a sunny afternoon (can I blame the weather for that one?!) and I’ve long since neglected a lazy afternoon roaming the West End of Glasgow and ending up with a picnic for one in the Botanics. Scottish summer or not, I’m gonna get up and go with these things in every free moment I have.

But for right now? My 2 week withdrawal from a good mug of tea is drawing to an end. Body’s will cease trembling, cold sweats will ebb away … I’m going in.

Speak soon,

Kath x

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