TVT MONTHLY // February



Kicking off with my favourite photo of the month above. Me and my oh, so pretty Mama! ❤

Crafting: a scrapbook for this year with my Smash Folio book I received from Dad at Christmas! At first I was a bit stuck to how I’d work round the doodles already on the pages but it makes it so much more fun. Check out their ranges for inspiration. My Dad got me the stuff from Hobbycraft but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere.

Planning: a trip back down South in June with Scott. We’re going to do a mix of plane and train travelling to get down to the family. Not much else has been planned so far but we are going to take a day to go over to the Isle of Wight and see Osborne HouseSO EXCITED FOR THIS!

Feeling: grateful for the wonderful loved ones I have. A fun week with nearly all my family in England, dinner out with my friends, a lovely party at Scott’s family house and a long overdue weekend spent with my man. I’m surrounded by lots of very special people!

Wishing: for spring and summer and sun and ice cream and beaches and holidays and dresses and ahhhh summer!

Reading: Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton (really good!), the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (okay, so I only skim read the Spark Notes!!) and Orlando by Virginia Woolf (working my way through this one… it’s interesting…?!) All on my English Lit. reading list.

Watching: too much TV in general. But I did watch the TV adaptation of Jane Eyre (the 2006 BBC version) so surely that counts as work? Right? RIGHT?!

Listening: to a lot of George Ezra. I like him a lot. Especially the ‘Listen to the Man’ video, makes me smile!

Reflecting: on how fast this month has gone. What?!

Embracing: every ray of sunshine that graces us with its presence!

Longing: to visit the beach. I don’t know why I’ve had such an urge but I keep getting flashbacks to a day trip to Gullane Beach in 2013 and Troon last year with my wee bro. This year? THE IONIAN SEA! Hahaha.

Seeing: family lots more.

Adoring: my friend Elle. Haven’t seen her since last month but we’ve literally as I wrote this blog post planned a wee meet up and I cannot wait!!!

Worrying: about essay hand ins. I’m happy with the work but it’s this constant worry as to whether I’m getting the right idea. Eek!

Realising: that I’m actually still a first year and getting the grades I am is good. Really good actually! I just need to remember that and not put unnecessary pressure on myself when I’m still at the very initial learning stages

Sharing: my advice to my younger self with my #DearMe post earlier this week. Such a good campaign for self and others.

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous month. March is hear so it must mean it’s officially Spring now! Roll on!

Kath xx

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