Sunny Seaside Day

DSC_0221Hallo, lovely people of the blog world!

I spent the first half of last week down in England visiting my family. I didn’t make it down over Christmas because of work so a visit was much needed. I spent a few days with my Dad and then my sister and I drove down to my Grandma and Papa’s house where Mum and Alex had arrived a couple of days earlier. Everyone was ill with different forms of flu and cold sicknesses so it ended up a pretty lazy, lethargic weekend… it was kind of perfect really.

We headed out on a beautiful sunshine-y day to Southsea sea front and I got out of a photography rut I’d been stuck it. I just wasn’t feeling confident with the photos I’d taken so Dad gave me a wee refresher course and some new tips. They’re not perfect, but I’m a lot happier with the lighting now. Luckily I had a bright sunny day to make it a little easier to practice with, haha.

I’ve put (nearly!) all my favourite snaps just in the one post so get a cuppa and brace yourself!! 
DSC_0071DSC_0173DSC_0105DSC_0114DSC_0144^^I have so many happy memories from when I was younger on this beach. We used to live in Portsmouth so were always close to the sea front. Summer or winter, it’s the perfect place for fresh air and fun. I love that you can walk from a miniature golf ground to a lake with pedalos and mini motor boats, an old pier to a historic castle, a fun fair with arcades and roller coasters to a hovercraft launchpad (?!), and from a modern shopping precinct to a historic dockyard, all within the space of an hour or so! It’s a special place to me and I never get sick of the sparkling sea and gorgeous views.

My coat was from M&S years ago, my scarf from Primark last Autumn and my sunglasses are Topshop.^^
DSC_0220 DSC_0225DSC_0199^^Aww, my sweet Grandma and Papa. We stayed with them for a few nights and it was much fun. They’re wonderful ❤

Also, the photo above of me on the wall? That was about 10 seconds before I jumped off, adding about a foot to the already 3-4 foot high wall, landed on my feet but continued to roll forward and ended up sprawled out face first on Southsea sea front. Everyone saw. I managed to get grazes on both hands and my knee, but somehow my tights stayed completely intact. No holey knees in sight, ahaha.^^

DSC_0270DSC_0265DSC_0278^^It was lovely spending time with my Mama, away and then when we headed home. I hate not seeing her all the time so it was lovely to have a week of catching up and having giggles. She’s so pretty, hehe! ^^

DSC_0274 ^^I’m sure if I wasn’t as in to geometrics and bright colours, I’d decorate everything with beachy, driftwood vibes. Too many pretty things to choose from!!^^
DSC_0325 DSC_0079DSC_0337

^^We were out as it started to get darker so we got a gorgeous bit of that evening light. Look at Alex! He’s getting so big and old, ahaha. He’s taller than pretty much every member of my family now, it’s crazy!^^

DSC_0233 DSC_0234^^I just put these two photos in because they’re so special to me. They’re both such lovely, natural shots, makes me smile.^^

It was wonderful to be down with everyone. I had a fab day in London with my Dad too, pictures to come of that when him and B send me there snaps. I wanted to gather them all up together.

It was lovely to get home after, despite the fact Mum has caught an awful cold and I had lots of essay work to do. The only thing is, I’m now back in Glasgow, back at university after my reading week, feeling very lethargic! I’m struggling to adjust back to the busy day way of life. I know it’ll just take a few days but I get how people fall in to a rut of being lazy and inactive. I really do not like it! Makes me feel grumpy and stuck and a bit gross. The torrential rain showers really aren’t helping either.

I’ll see you all soon as first step to getting back to normal is stopping this no-blog slump I’ve been t. It only makes me feel unhappy so I’m going to get back to normal ASAP!

Kath xx

2 thoughts on “Sunny Seaside Day

    • Thank you so much and I am SO sorry for the delay! My phone has appeared to stopped pushing my notifications and it’s been a busy ‘ol week round here. Thanks for reading, I very much appreciate it 🙂 x
      Kath x

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