TVT MONTHLY // January

Hello, everyone!

It’s already time for my roundup from January. It really doesn’t feel like just a month ago, Scott and I were flying off to Amsterdam, exploring somewhere new. Time flies when life happens it turns out! I’m kicking off with my favourite snap from the month. I’ve taken no photos this month with the exception of our trip and a few iPhone shots. It’s been fairly uneventful in terms of socialising. I had a party reunion with old school friends (too. much. wine.) and a pizza night with pals, but other than that, everyone has been getting back in to the swing of things post-Christmas. This snap is one of my favourites from Amsterdam. I could’ve chosen just one but this was from the day we just wandered aimlessly and with all the pretty buildings and bikes in the background, it just takes me right back!

Roll on with the post!

DSC_0365Cooking: stews, hotpots and delicious concoctions in my new slow cooker!

Crafting: new pages to go in my Christmas scrapbook.

Planning: hand luggage for a week for my trip down to England next week. I went a bit mad for the mini products in boots- they are just so cute! I’ll share some tips if anyone is interested?

Feeling: tired and generally lethargic! I think I caught the January bug and just lost all enthusiasm for anything. I’m telling myself that now I’m in to February, I need to sort it out and get my burst back!

Wishing: for sunny cold days to stick around. But if I’m wishing, maybe I want sunny hot days…

Reading: Jane Eyre and falling so in love with it! It is so beautifully written, I can’t believe I haven’t read it before!

Watching: Broadchurch, Friends, Hart of Dixie, all my favourites. But I have been watching them slightly less- evenings only, otherwise I’ll never get through the reading list for English Lit!

Listening: to audiobooks for my course! I was struggling to find the time (or energy!) to read my book as much as I needed to so listening to them is a great alternative as I can do so when walking to and from work or uni, while I get ready in the morning or while I cook. So handy!

Reflecting: on friendships and how good being around lovely people can make you feel.

Embracing: an excuse to heat curries, stews and hotpots while it’s still cold outside.

Longing: for essay deadlines to be in the past, not future!

Seeing: Scott as much as I can, friends as much as I can, but sadly family too little 😦

Adoring: my ABM Happy Mail subscription! Just check it out here...

Worrying: about upping my game and results, about not putting enough time in to the things that I should, about worrying too much and not making the most each day like I normally try to.

Realising: I need to chill out and make the most of each day like I try to! I think it’s time to watch About Time… always kicks me back in to order when it comes to lifestyle choices and general happiness!

Sharing: happiness with little letters (from my ABM Happy Mail!) and early Valentines gifts to loved one. Choccies and sweets for Mum and Alex and a wee bath set for Bryony from LUSH.

I hope you’ve had a good start to 2015. If you’re anything like me and the people I know, we’re all ready for a bit more warmth and some fresh buds on the trees! Not long to go!

Kath xx

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