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Hello, there!

Things have been a little busy round here lately, hense the lack of posting- sorry! The winter weather has been pretty drab and uninspiring and when paired with a huge pile of books to read and a new obsession for Earl Grey tea, it has been hard not to resist curling up under a blanket and shutting the blinds!

I thought I’d just share a wee update of my general goings on based on some iPhone photos I’ve been snapping!
page 2

^^Over Christmas and New Year, I got to spend a lot of time at home which was just a dream! I spent many days wandering around my wee town, enjoying the winter sunshine and wishing I could go home more often. There’s a big hill about 5 minutes from my house which I used to march up when I felt unfit/sad/hormonal/stressed and just get some energy out and some fresh air in. It was bliss to go up there again and look out over the rolling hills.

One of my Christmas gifts from Mum and Chris was tickets to see the Nutcracker ballet on 3rd January. It was so beautiful! It was my first ballet and there were moments when Mum and I just grabbed out for each other because of how stunning it was! We headed to a restaurant in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh called the Thai Lemongrass. It was INCREDIBLE! It was so authentically Thai so had the kick you’d expect but as long as you didn’t eat a whole chilli (like I did…!) it’s the perfect balance of flavour and spice!^^

page^^Back in Glasgow, we’ve been graced with the presence of snow, ice and cold. Woohoo! *sense the sarcasm* Usually I love winter, but this year I’ve really understood why people get so fed up of it so quickly. I’m so ready for Spring right now! It has made for many pretty, crisp sunshine-y days though which are just beautiful but with university work, I’ve not really had full opportunity to make the most of them! I’ve also been heading out with friends for much needed post-Christmas catch ups which has involved a lotta white wine… why have I started liking that stuff?! Not good!^^page 3^^My Christmas present from Dad was a slow cooker and I have been obsessed with rustling up dishes! To the point where I’m running out of room to store all the leftovers ready for another day. Oops! Scott has been my test subject and it has now got the point where I’m having to take tubs of food over to Stirling when I visit. He doesn’t seem to complain so all is good! I’ve a cottage pie cooking away as we speak. I’m hoping to share some of my favourite recipes if that’s something you guys would be interested in seeing? I’m so excited to arrive home from work to that one, that’s for sure! I also had a big pizza ice cream night with friends which was very chilled out a good chance to eat our body weight in carbs guilt free 😉 I have been marching around Glasgow burning off all the calories though and finally got a chance to head back to the Botanics. My favourite place ever <3^^

I really hope to get back into the rhythm of my regular posts because I miss writing, taking pictures and chatting with fellow bloggies around the web!

Much love for now,

Kath xx

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