Amsterdam Guide: Day #3

DSC_0388Day 3 in my little Amsterdam guide is the final and is also considerably shorter than the previous two! We were actually there for 3 full days and two half days but I’ve somehow ended up with 2 full day guides and then a half day before we went to the airport. I’m not sure where the other day and a half have gone but there we are… *note to self* plan travel posts better! Haha!DSC_0395 DSC_0426As you can tell from the suitcase being traipsed through the mud, this was our last day in Amsterdam (sad faces!) We were really keen to see Vondelpark. It was one of those things where something is really close or convenient (the entrance was on the other side of the street to our hostel!) so you put it off with the thought that you can squeeze it in at some point. It got to the last day and Scott was desperate to visit and I would’ve been gutted to miss it so we decided just to head across for the hour or so we had before getting the bus to the airport. DSC_0444 DSC_0456The park was bustling with cyclists and runners and despite it being a grey, dreary day, Vondelpark was beautiful! Admittedly, we didn’t head that far in, but we got a chance to see some monuments, look over the canal and find this gorgeous big log. Scott and I have a big old chopped down tree back at home where we used to go on lunch breaks or after school so we called this our Amsterdam version! It did a good job… very comfy?! Hehe. It was lovely to be able to snap a few pics of our final holiday moments. It was an amazing week altogether and I smile whenever I look at these photos because all the memories from the week flood back 🙂


It honestly was the easiest trip! By the time we were sitting down to dinner back in Glasgow that evening, we couldn’t believe we’d been in Vondelpark only that morning. It felt like one very long day but not too tiring or stressful. The journey was straightforward and made our first solo trip a breeze. I’m very thankful!

Thanks for tagging along and reading all about our trip. I’d love to answer any questions you have on Amsterdam or travelling in general! Feel free to comment, tweet @TVTvintage or email me at

Kath xxx

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