Amsterdam Guide: Day #2

This is our second day in Amsterdam! We’d set this aside for wandering and exploring the pretty area of Jordaan which we’d heard great things about. We weren’t disappointed! 69430003

11am- we’d read in our Lonely Planet travel book that there was a big antiques market in the Jordaan district. I’d been really looking forward to browsing that area and we’re both big fans of antique-vintage-charity shop browsing. Scott is very impressive at it, I think because he is so patient… not my strong point! The Antiekcentrum was huge and there were some gorgeous pieces of furniture and china in particular.

This snap was from our disposable camera! I think I might share more of them in an extra post when I’m feeling nostalgic for our trip about because they’re super special!

DSC_0266 DSC_027212:30pm: back to the patience thing… I was getting pretty restless by this point! We headed out from the indoor market to find somewhere to eat and headed back down the canal. We saw the cafe that was adjoining to the market and I remembered reading about it so we decided to head in there so we could continue having a browse after we were refeshed. The cafe was called Brasserie Brasz. We had wonderful service and the food was really great! I had a delicious tomato soup and Scott a veal and mayonnaise sandwich. The bread was perfect. Yumyumyum. We resisted eating more apple pie and went for some tea before heading back in to the market again!DSC_0281 DSC_02862pm: we decided just to wander to streets from this point on. Jordaan is filled with cute cafes and bakeries as well as adorable gifty shops. I had to resist (or Scott had to physically restrain me…) from buying the most adorable plush dolls!! DSC_0314 DSC_0327 DSC_0346I’m just going to share some snaps we took on our wanders. I don’t really have references for any of these pretty spots, they were just buildings, streets and sights we stumbled upon. I highly recommend putting a day aside to just wander and go where you fancy!DSC_0340 DSC_0364 DSC_0350 DSC_0371 DSC_0372

5pm: we wandered around until near sunset, debated hiring some pedal boats then freaked out at the thought of pedal boating around the big canal boats in dark and headed back to the tram stop! We had some delicious chocolates from Urban Cacao (SUPER PRICEY but we went for the Christmas sale ones. They were good!)

We had a really easy dinner at Hard Rock Cafe which was really close to our hostel (read about where we stayed here). As we were eating at random point of the day, it was nice to be in walking distance of our room so we could just have one big meal and head back for a chilled night!

Stay tuned for our third day soon!

Kath xxx


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