And, we’re back!

DSC_0164Well, hello and once again, Happy New Year!

I am back from an incredible week in Amsterdam with my man. It was truly special. Our first time travelling abroad together and our first time abroad without schools or parents meant it was a little nerve wracking but the week was completely perfect. We explored and saw lots of the big sites as well as spent a couple of days just relaxing, roaming the streets, eating good food and taking in such a beautiful city. All though it rained a couple of days, in general we were pretty lucky with the weather which meant we could wander worry free! We ended up sleeping in later than expected every day but actually, by the time we got in in the evening, we’d had the perfect amount of time to see what we wanted to. BUT… more to come on that! I’ll be kick starting my back in the blog swing by sharing a day-by-day breakdown of the areas we visited and the bits of it we loved, as well as a general post on what we packed, how we planned, hostels and any tips I picked up on over the next week. Yes, a whole week of posts. Round of applause please 😉

I’m back to university this week, back to normal work shifts and just back to general goings on in my world! I’m looking forward to a tad more organisation and to sleeping in one bed for a whole week again but I’m also sad I can’t be running to and from home in the Borders or heading out somewhere new each day. Scott stayed a couple of days in Glasgow after our flight landed and it was so lovely having extra time with him so that spending a whole week together didn’t abruptly go back to us doing our own thing and visiting on weekends! I just loved seeing him all day, every day. He’s the best.

Anyhow, I better get on as I have a lot of posts to plan… oh, the excitement! I look forward to getting back to chatting over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in the comments and to having time to read around all my favourite blogs again too. Much catching up required!

See you shortly ❤

Kath xx

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