CELEBRATIONS // The Most Special of Birthdays

DSC_0011Hello, there!

Amid this crazy month of Christmas preparation, exam stress and travelling here there and everywhere, there was time to spend the weekend celebrating no less than FIVE birthdays with family! One of these was Chris’s which I shared here, another my Papa’s who lives down South and the other three were all in Scott’s clan. It was so special to take a few days off and focus on having fun and celebrating someone else. Scott, his Mum and our nephew (WHO JUST TURNED ONE?!) all deserved the most wonderful time and I’m pretty sure they all enjoyed their festivities.

Scott and I took baby for a wander around town on his birthday while his Mama got some party prep done. It was very chilly but beautiful and crisp- truly wintery. We walked through the ruins of the Cross Kirk, one of me and Scott’s favourite spots to explore and stopped for indulgent hot chocolate and cake. Can’t go wrong with hot chocolate and cake! The birthday boy had mini marshmallows and cookie… he may only be one but he deserved his treats! It was the perfect way to celebrate special things with special people in the midst of all this chaos.

DSC_0046 DSC_0025 DSC_0050 DSC_0062

I’m just one day away until end of exams! This time tomorrow I shall be finished, I cannot wait. I’ve realised lots about how I study and revise and definitely don’t think I’ve been completely effective with the time. I should’ve started a few weeks earlier doing what I’m doing and I’d have had the time to remember all the facts, theories and quotes I needed. But no worries, I shall get through for this term and know for next time what works for me. It’s all a learning curve, that’s what I keep telling myself!

I head home for Christmas week soon and cannot wait to be with the family in my festive, cosy home with mulled wine, mince pies, copious amounts of food and Christmas movies. It will literally be a week of nothing. Hurrah!

I hope you’re enjoying your build up to Christmas!

Kath x

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