Christmas Movie Roundup // The New

So last week I shared three of my favourite old Christmas movies. This week I wanted to share some Christmas gems from the more recent years! Now there is of course an endless list of Christmas movies I love, ranging from a few festive scenes to watch in November to full blown festive magic, but here’s the top three… I think. I’ll change my mind in 5 minutes I expect!


Ahh, The Family Stone. My mum and I love this film! She isn’t the most avid fan of this time of year, but come time to decorate the house, stick on the mulled wine and cosy down with this film, that’s all forgotten and we have the most festive fun. The cast are all brilliant in it and it’s a great portrayal of family love and family mayhem rolled in to one. The trailer doesn’t really sell it but it’s filled with plenty of special moments to send your heart a-tingling. My favourite is when they lay on the bed and sing Joy to the World. So wonderful.

Accompany with your Mum, sister, brother, best friend or closest loved one and a lot of hugs.

I debated sharing this one, only because everyone knows and loved Buddy the Elf already. But then again, if it reminds even one person to watch this gem, or (like anyone hasn’t seen it?!) introduces a family to it, that’s a very good thing! I just love this film. Usually not a big fan of Will Ferrell, this film is just a bundle of laughs and fun and Christmas joy. Last year, Hayley and I watched this one snuggled down in my bed and ended up napping through the middle, waking up only to the sound of New York singing Santa’s sleigh to life. It was on really loud so we really must’ve been sleepy to be that heavily sleeping… and I never nap! We are aiming to recreate that afternoon this year with mulled wine, mince pie making and Elf watching all over again!

Accompany with the bestest friends to giggle with or the cutest kids to watch giggle adorably!

I was juggling for the third spot here, but I went with the Polar Express because of it’s sheer beauty and magesticalness… yep, so magic, I’m making up words for it! I remember watching this for the first time and not quite believing how incredible the animation was. I can’t remember now if it was very advanced for its time or anything like that, but it is a beauty to watch. Tom Hanks voices the characters so perfectly and I love that they really do look like the actors. If you don’t believe in Christmas magic, this film is a sure fire way to make you feel just a little more festive than you did before.

Accompany with a twinkling tree, a dark room (the animation really is beautiful!) and hot chocolate made proper fancy, just like on the train in the film!


The ones that didn’t make the cut? Love Actually, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, The Holiday, and Bridget Jones’ Diary. 

So, that’s my wee Christmas film roundup, old and new. What are your favourites? I’m waiting for the day when I Google ‘Christmas movies’ and find one that makes me feel as special as these ones do!

Merry Christmas movie watching!

Kath xxx

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