Christmas Movie Roundup // The Old

Last year, I made myself a new Christmas tradition. Christmas Eve morning was kicked off with Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas Eve was It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas night, after all the specials, was Meet Me in St Louis. I’d only seen one of them before but there’s something magical about watching the old films around this time of year. It somehow reaches deeper in to me and brings out an even stronger feeling of love, relaxation and general festive goodness. It’s pretty magical. I hope to watch again this year – to actually make it a tradition! – and wanted to share with you the trailers to these films and a little about why I love them!


Anyone who listens to Judy Garland singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and doesn’t get all tingly is just crazy. Honestly? I can’t fully remember the story of this one. I’ve only seen it only, last Christmas, but I remember laying on the sofa with the Christmas tree tingling and feeling truly peaceful. Her voice is so beautiful, as is the red dress she wears to the ball… that’s the dream!

Accompany with a mug of mulled apple, a cosy blanket and if available, a soft pet.

This is another one I only saw last year! I’ve heard many people say they love the more recent version of this film but I went straight to the 1947 one. It’s a lovely film about believing and loving Christmas for what it is, all its traditions and excitements.

Accompany this one with lots of yummy Christmas treats and all the family!

Ah, the classic. I couldn’t share old Christmas movies without sharing this one! This is our family favourite. We all gather round on Christmas eve and watch together. The first time I saw it was Christmas 2010 when we were in a cosy little cottage with an open fire decorated in our garland we managed to squeeze in the car from Scotland to the south of England. It has magical memories so everytime we cosy up to watch this, it’s pretty perfect.

Favourite scenes? The swimming pool dancing. And the walk home… ‘You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and bring it down!’ Oh, my heart melts!

Accompany it will mulled wine/cider, mince pies, Christmas candles, all your closest loved ones and a sweet, sappy smile!


What are your favourite Christmas oldies? I wanna see them all so let me know! Check back next week for my favourite Christmas films from the last decade or so.

Kath xxx

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