Winter Sunshine

DSC_0055Now, as much as I love this time of year and get completely wrapped up (hey hey, excuse the pun!!) about all the festivites, I do have to remember to slow down during the first week of December because it’s crammed with birthdays. By the time this post will go up, I’ll have celebrated with Chris, my Papa, Scott, Scott’s wee nephew and his Mum. It’s a busy week and it kinda of makes the month more special. It’s so lovely to get excited for one person at a time when Christmas is so crazy and all consuming for everyone. They all deserve the most special treatment so it’s lovely to take that time on their day to give it to them.

A week ago now, the Sunday before Chris’s birthday, we all headed out for day in Glasgow to celebrate. Alex had been staying the weekend so we kicked off when Ma and Chris arrived with nibbles and cake before heading to the Transport Museum. It’s the third time I’ve been in the space of a couple of months and it has been equally good each time! I love that place! We went for dinner after at the Curler’s Rest on Byres Road (which I also spoke about before… I’ve gone every other Sunday since we found it!) Chris loved the museum and we all had such a fun day. The sun was shining over the Clyde, so wintery and crisp. We played around on the Tall Ship for a while. It has a load of interactive things as well as interesting facts which made it so fun!

I got Chris a t-shirt with Star Wars storm troopers having a rave on it, he loves it and it makes us all chuckle every time we see it. Here’s some snaps from his day- happy birthday, Christophe!

DSC_0012DSC_0015^^Sometimes something catches your eye and you just have to snap away. This was a good day for that. Such beautiful colours, and that view!! <3^^DSC_0053^^I don’t know how it happened (except I do…) but this little man is now inches taller than me and it’s freaking me out! What happened to my baby bro, eh?! We had such a fun weekend watching Hunger Games and Christmas shopping- we tackled Glasgow city centre on pay day weekend the last weekend of November… and survived! Someone give us a medal… Please?^^DSC_0076^^Trying to get a decent picture without the sun in our eyes, hense the squinting and cheesy faces!^^

DSC_0102^^Oh, that sunset. It was pretty magical to watch.^^

I hope you’ve all had busy and productive weekends as the day draws nearer! I’m focusing on revision while enjoying some time at home this week. It’s good to be back at the slower pace than when everything gets a little crazy in the city.

Have a great Monday! Kath xx

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