Gifting // The Gentlemen

Disclaimer Again: no, Scott, Dad, Chris, Alex etc., these aren’t your Christmas pressies this year!


Today I’m here with gifting take 2 for the men in your life. Be it boyfriend, brother, Dad or friend, men can be hard to shop for! All the men in my life are really easy on paper. They all have hobbies and interests which can be shopped for fairly easily – science, gardening, photography, antiques, gaming – but when it comes down to it, I end up stuck for what to get them! This Christmas, I’m pretty happy with the gifts I’ve gone for but had to do a fair brainstorm for my favourite gifts, or potential gift options, I’d seen for the gents. Here we go!

1. Fun Coffee Poster Print, £14.50, Of Life and Lemons, available here, image credit to OLAL. This is a tricky gift. Budget wise, do you go framed or not? Size wise, what will suit the reciever? Taste wise, do they drink coffee?.. Maybe the last one isn’t that important 😉 I saw this a little while back on and it just so stood out to me. Such a sweet retro design!

2. Personalised Leather Tag Bracelet, £30-60, available here, image credit to Silver Thursday. I so love this gift idea! I got one similar to that pictured for Scott’s 18th Birthday last December and he really loved it. I actually got a video of his reaction and it’s just the sweetest thing. I got SDC on the front (his initials) and our anniversary date on the inside with a sappy wee message, hehe. I’m sad I couldn’t see that one on the site because it was so beautifully crafted, but the one I’ve lined to is a similar alternative. NOTHS is great for that sort of personal gift. Just search ‘personalised men’s bracelet’ and there are tonnes to look through!

3. Fun mug, £13 but available many places, available here, image credit to Kelly Connor Designs. This is just one example of  fun mug gift idea. I didn’t get this for anyone but just thought it was cute for the keen cyclist in your life! Last year I got Chris a Breaking Bad ‘Heisenberg’ mug and I’ve bought Scott a Airfix one previously. I just think they’re a fun stocking filler that always get used and make people smile if it’s personal to them.

4. Flannel PJ Bottoms, around £20, available here, image credit to M&S. Who doesn’t need pajamas really?! These are particularly cute and as someone who wears men’s M&S PJs, they’re damn comfy!

5. Clever Wine Bottle Stand, around £15, available here, image credit Phil Rao Studio Two. This is such a cool present! We have one around the house, I believe Chris brought it back from Australia when he was working there a couple of years back. Hand carved wood is always a beautiful, valuable and special gift, so a fun design like this can be great.

6. Striped scarf, around £20, available here, image credit to Debenhams. Cosy, practival, stylish… need I say more?! You can get great deals on these bits with discount codes and in sales too so shop around for this kind of item. They are everywhere after all!

So they we are. My gift guide for the fellas! I hope these posts have been a little helpful for any of you risky folk leaving Christmas shopping until now. I’m all wrapped up… not literally, just in terms of shopping… and ready to go for the big day. I can’t wait!

Merry Christmas, happy Monday and write to y’all soon!

Kath xxx

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