Gifting // All the Lovely Ladies

FAMILY AND FRIENDS DISCLAIMER: none of you are recieving any of these presents this Christmas… nice try ūüėČ

I always think I’m bad a presents. I either have a brilliant idea and do really well or I struggle to think of something and end up with lots of non-related things which are nice, but seem a little random! Last year I decided to shop for everything in August before I left for uni. It meant I would get good deals in the summer sales and not be worried about saving up for Christmas. I ended up with a load of not great quality stuff and¬†I didn’t really know who to give it to! This year I left it until the end of November. I stuck within budget but could have probably saved money online or a few weeks earlier. Either way, it’s done, and this year I feel pretty excited to give everyone the presents I got them!

I’ve put together a couple of gift ideas. I know these are everywhere so decided not to find loads of random ideas that overwhelm you and just put you off the idea even more, but instead to share some of the gifts I’ve given over the past year for Christmas and birthdays, and also some treats I’ve got for myself that I’d love to recieve. There’s a variety of prices and gift sizes. Some could stand alone, some could be stocking fillers, it really depends on your budget and who you’re giving too! Hope this helps, this one goes out to all the ladies… hehe!Ladies

(Apologies, I’ve just realised the contrast is poor on the numbers, it goes from the kimono clockwise to the foot pamper set.)

1.¬†Satin Peacock Kaftan, around ¬£10, available here, image credit to site linked.¬†¬†This was my gift to Mum last year except it was in red. I remember before I left for university we’d spent an hour one night searching for a kaftan like all the glamorous ladies in the movies. We went high street, Etsy, everywhere but couldn’t find one reasonably priced. Mum kind of forgot about it but I had a wee look on eBay and found one! It is cheap so isn’t the best quality but it’s long so great for lazy mornings around the house and looks very chic!

2.¬†Boux Avenue PJs in a Bag,¬†¬£32 on 2-for-1 deal, available here, image credit to Boux Avenue.¬†This is just one of many patterns. I got these for Bryony’s birthday in November. They’re long trousers and shirt style PJs and¬†they’re super soft so great for snuggling up in winter. Although it is expensive for pajamas, you get a second pair free so it actually works out at ¬£16, a reasonable price for a gift for one person and about the same as you’d pay elsewhere for potentially not the same quality! Plus the fact they come in the bag is just adorable, right?!

3.¬†A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book,¬†around ¬£12 , available here, image credit to ABM blog.¬†I had this on my wish list and was so not disappointed when I recieved it from Dad. It is so wonderful!! If you want inspiration, their blog is always the place to go so to have a hard copy of their work in case, y’know, zombies eat the internet of something, this is great. Ahaha! Also, you don’t have to be a great photographer, or even a good photographer. to enjoy this book. It’s as wonderful to look at and enjoy as it is to learn from. I’ve asked for their second book,¬†Happy Handmade Home,¬†this Christmas so fingers crossed. You can look out for it in next years gift guide I’m sure ūüėČ

4.¬†Yellow Leather Pouch,¬†¬£17, available here, image credit to John Lewis.¬†Last year, Scott got me the most beautiful yellow leather purse from John Lewis. It’s the perfect size with all the compartments I need and is just so freakin’ pretty! I couldn’t see it on the sit so thought I’d link to this instead. I wouldn’t say it’s an alternative as this is just one pouch with no sections for notes, cards, coins and so on, but there are lots of those on the site and in store too. I thought this would be a great little gift with a couple of nail polishes, lipglosses or even just some chocolates in it for fun. I love yellow so this was never going to be anything less that awesome but there are other colours available and the quality of my purse has been great for a year now.

5. Candles,¬†cost ranges widely, available widely, image credit to Yankee Candle.¬†¬†I just inserted this image for illustration purposes really. Yankee Candles are so great, they smell amazing and burn well but they are pricey! I wanted to share my wee secret. TK Maxx. I know we have it in the UK, I believe the US alternative is TJ Maxx, I’m not sure about the rest of the world I’m afraid. I go in to stores and see large, 2 or 3 wick candles for ¬£30. TK Maxx, you can get lesser known brands for anything from ¬£5 upwards! And they smell delicious. Over summer, I picked up a round, 3 wick candle in¬†Hawaiian¬†Luau scent and in Autumn, Pumpkin Spice which fills the whole flat with this¬†awesome spice aroma. I’d suggest checking these places out first for yourself, and for others!

6.¬†Baylis &¬†Harding Feet Pamper Kit,¬†¬£6, available here, image credit to Baylis &¬†Harding.¬†At this time of year, drugstores do great deals on toiletries and things. Boots in particular are great, doing 3 for 2. If you get the items at the lower end of the scale, you end up with some fairly affordable stocking fillers or gift sets for friends and family. This one is fun because it has everything in one which I quite like. I was trying to find one with gloves, hand cream and a nail kit but haven’t come across it yet sadly! Baylis and Harding always smell delicious but just pick you or your recipient’s favourite brand and you’ve a gift sure to impress!

So, I hope this gave some of you a couple of ideas for Christmas! I know it’s tricky coming up with ideas for so many people at once so hopefully this might ease the pain a little. Whatever you end up with, have fun doing it and you’ll end up with lots of gifts that’ll go down a treat on Christmas day!

I’ll be back beginning of next week with a similar gift guide for the men in your life… always significantly harder I feel!

Kath x

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