The Creative Bug

DSCN6852A favourite festive snap from last year. Mulled apple… *drool*

So I’m currently sitting, mug of tea by my side with Christmas music playing on loop. I’ve a sparkling, candy cane covered, robin topped tree to my left and a glorious smelling cinnamon candle illuminating my pretty red stockings beside it while I jot down festive post ideas with, of course, a gold inked pen. And I feel wonderful. This is what I was waiting for.

I spent the last few days, maybe even weeks, feeling all doom and gloom about Christmas. I’ve been so busy I was beginning to trick myself in to thinking that this time of year, the time I love so dearly, was from now on going to be tainted by business, squeezing in social events between heavy work loads and grey days. Maybe it’s over tiredness, maybe it’s hormones (sorry, TMI), maybe it’s just the fact this is all a bit new to me but I was struggling to see perspective. Christmas perspective. That no longer does the two months leading up to December 25th mean an onslaught of excitement, festivites and laziness. Turns out though, that’s pretty normal. I sure most of you out there knew that by now… took me a little while to catch on, hey?

But anyway, while I was feeling like this I was generally fed up. I slacked on my blog posts and schedule, partly because I really was cut for time but also because I just couldn’t be bothered to make the most of my free time and do anything other than watch Mad Men (I’m so hooked!). Then this week I started getting this creative itch.

I think maybe I want to be in editing. Or publishing. 

I want to surround myself with books and colour and creativeness.

I could write a book! But maybe not a novel… but maybe I could? Maybe I should mind map? No, something more related to my blog and the way I write there. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

And so it went on! Turns out, what I wanted (and thinking about it, really needed) was to write on here. On my space. In this world of pretty pictures, numerous lost ideas, inspirational people, confusion over Twitter and Facebook and what goes where and who sees it. I wanted to be sharing my thoughts and views and loves and not-so-loves on here. When I get in to the swing of it, I love it. When I get busy, I seem to shunt TVT as another responsibility, but one that isn’t being graded or fed back or monitored so I can just drop that for now. Actually, writing on here is what helps me get better at the things that are being graded and fed back on and monitored. It gives me the structure in my day, or week, but in a way that is fun and silly and exciting.

So, on with the show! I’m going to stop being daft and get on with what’s going on, because really? I have absolutely nothing to be moaning about.

Kath xxx


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