TVT MONTHLY // November

DSC_0112Hello! So it’s finally the month. 1st December brings with it festive merriment, cosier vibes and social craziness. I’m excited… I think! Honestly, with the though of exams luring, it’s hard to think of Christmas and all the fun it brings, though I have got most of my Christmas shopping done and we set up the tree in our wee kitchen since we all head home from Glasgow fairly shortly! Once again, last week was a busy one again so this monthly favourite post is a little late, but hey, I’m here now! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful November!

Crafting: pretty bows on brown paper packages- it was a month of birthdays this one!

Planning: when I’m heading home for Christmas and a number of birthday shindigs with friends.

Feeling: manic, busy, a little overwhelmed but grateful- if you’re busy doing anything, it’s great to be busy spending time with family!

Wishing: time would speed up so exams would be over… and that time would slow down so I could really make the most of this month!

Reading: Sebastian Faulks’ On Green Dolphin Street. I’ve been working my way through it for a good few months now, though the ending left me all confused- did I like it? Didn’t I? The characters were so wonderfully written, especially Mary who was incredible. Have you read it? Let me know what you think!

Watching: the new Hunger Games at the cinema with Alex. SO. TENSE.

Listening: to not a lot! I’ve just gone back to popping on Harry Potter audio books en route to places.

Reflecting: on last Christmas. I had such a big festive build up, taking time to enjoy this thing and that thing, whereas this year is the first time it has felt like I get why people stress and get all flustered around Christmas. There’s a lot happening! I just keep telling myself how good those things are though. It’s completely worth it!

Embracing: every spare minute I have to watch Mad Men- SO GOOD!

Longing: for cuddles with my man. It’s his birthday this weekend and I just can’t wait to celebrate with him!

Seeing: family and pretty sites. Lots of visits means lots of sightseeing. I’ve been to House for an Art Lover, the Cathedral and Necropolis at night, the Transport museum as well as new restaurants and pubs and the City Centre in the midst of all its festive activities! OH, and Wicked! with my best pal, Hayley.

Adoring: mind if I say Mad men some more?….

Worrying: about exams and revision and Christmas presents and most things. It’s in my nature!

Realising: that I miss home more every time I go back and leave again.

Sharing: so much cuteness with this video! It is too adorable…

I really hope you’re all enjoying this time of year and that Christmas for you looks bright and exciting!

Kath x

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