The Hilarious Family Photo

DSC_0007So this may look like an ordinary family photo. We’re laughing, smiling, having fun. But only because as I ran from the camera on self timer into the shot, I tripped on that raised paving you can see right at the bottom middle and very nearly face planted the ground. Now that would’ve been a hilarious family photo! Ahaha.

My Uncle and Auntie were up visiting Glasgow last weekend. They hadn’t been up to visit since I’d come to uni so it was awesome to show them around my favourite spots and take them to some new locations as well. On the Sunday, Mum and Alex drove over too so we had a fun filled family day. There was a lot of walking, lots of interesting discoveries and some amazing pub food thrown in to. It was so much fun!

I showed them around the University and we went in to the Hunterian Museum for an hour or so before heading to Mackintosh House also on campus. I’d always seen a floating door when on my way to the library and thought it was just some bizarre art that I wasn’t getting. Turns out there is an exact replica of Charles Renee Mackintosh’s house in there and that would have literally been the front door! It was so interesting, here’s the link if anyone fancies checking it out. We ate at the Curler’s Rest, a pub in the West End I’d discovered the week before with Scott. The food is great and the staff are so lovely in there. It was such a wonderful day and an amazing weekend overall too. Here’s some snaps from our big family Sunday I wanted to share.
DSC_0022 DSC_0021

^^Alex is such a natural wee photographer, he seems to have a good eye and was telling me how to do some things!^^DSC_0036 DSC_0016^^I got so excited when I saw this Autumn tree, I think it’s the only one left. The sunlight was so warm and beautiful too.^^DSC_0045 DSC_0055

^^Peek-a-boo! This was snapped in the cloisters within the University. I get to study at such a magical place^^DSC_0111 DSC_0049^^My Uncle and Auntie are so much fun. We had such a laugh having pub drinks and meals, visiting the Transport Museum and roaming through Glasgow at night. We managed to find the Cathedral all lit up with the silhouette of the Necropolis behind. Oh, my gosh. It as breathtaking!!^^

This weekend was a far quieter one which was lovely but I already miss everyone and can’t wait until the next visit down South! Love you all, family! xx

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