DSC_0090Hello! So I’ve said it lots this past couple of weeks (SORRY!) but I have been busy this last little while. In between university, family, friends, work and everything else that comes with life, the past two weeks have just been a crazy whirlwind of little sleep and lots of activity. It has been wonderful and overwhelming and fun and exciting and so many other things all at once and I would not have changed it for the world.

It’s weird. As my days, and weeks, and months get busier, I start to realise how quickly things like Christmas are sneaking up. This is the first year I’ve kind of felt like a proper adult. Someone who gets busy and has to plan and juggle things all at once. It’s really great but also kind of scary! I’m not the best at dealing with lots of things at once so I just have to keep telling myself to take each day as it comes and just enjoy it, because there is so much to be enjoyed. Anna and Lydia have been amazing. We’ve all been busy and definitely haven’t seen each other as much as we should or would like considering we live together! I’ve come home a couple of nights to comforting chats with Anna and came home from work one night to a beautiful mug and bunch of flowers from Lyd because she knew I was having a crazy week. Those girls, they’re good for the soul ❤

I thought I’d give you all a couple of updates since the last few posts have been a bit brief and I so love sharing and chatting about things with you guys.


I’ve handed in both my essay for English Lit. and Media now so I’ve just an online assessment for Language to go. I am still completely obsessed with my course. I love it so much. I guess part of it is the relief that I’m studying something I enjoy after a year of really not, but it is also such a rewarding and interesting course to be doing. I’m pretty sure I get my Literature essay back on Monday. I took a lot of time in researching it and writing it so I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get what I’m hoping for, but I guess I’m here to learn so can only take good things away from it if it’s not what I hope for! My exams fall in the middle of December then I’ll get back home for a week or so over the festive period for a relaxing family Christmas. Hurray!


Now I love this time of year, but as I say, I haven’t really had any time to stop and think about the next month or so recently. It does make me sad because last year I didn’t have a job and was putting little effort in to university (eek!) so had so much free time to do festive things whereas this year, I haven’t even spent 10 minutes planning a Christmas list or present ideas. But it has also been amazing enjoying this month and having fun doing new and exciting things I haven’t before. Exploring new parts of Glasgow, enjoying studying, seeing shows, celebrating Bonfire Night. It’s been an amazing month and as this next week gets back to a normal pace I can gradually start watching Christmas movies, reading my new festive story collection and cooking up some Christmas recipes. Me and Hayley are already planning a festive day of mince pies, mulled apple, Christmas decorating, gingerbread house building and watching Elf! The perfect afternoon I reckon.


As I’ve missed the past couple of Wednesday posts, I’ve decided to make my set schedule just two days a week, Monday and Friday. I love writing and posting but when I go to bed late because it’s been a long day it’s awful feeling guilty for not posting and even worse to be forcing a post that I haven’t thought about or taken time over. It’s not what I enjoy and not what I want you to read either. So as the pace of the next few weeks changes, it comes with new things to do, preparing for Christmas, revising for exams, working a little extra over the Christmas period and I don’t want to be putting up half-hearted content. I’d rather spend a day preparing the next weeks post or sitting down on the Monday and Friday and sharing what I want to, like I am right now. I hope that’s all good with you all, thank you for supporting me ❤

So, I think that’s everything I wanted to share. I’ve a few posts lined up and some new bits and bobs I’d love to try on the blog over the festive period so keep an eye out on this little space.

Thanks for reading!

Kath xxx

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