Family Time


Well, hello again. Sorry I missed (another) Wednesday post but between spending time with my Dad who came up to visit and getting my essay done for the deadline, there has been little time to spare this week and I just wanted to take an hour of the day to watch the Great Interior Design Challenge instead of visiting this little spot. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love writing here, but sometimes you just need to do something that involves next to no brain activity.

I admit, I was dreading the next few weeks on Tuesday. I’d been at lectures 10-5 with 3 hour study session in the middle of that. I literally felt like my head was full to bursting. It felt heavy and full and suddenly I got all a bit manic with the thought of the busy time of year we’re in. Exams, essays, deadlines, visits, Christmas, work, shopping, travelling home and on and on. I was struggling to filter out the crazy stuff. Now, however, I’ve had a wonderfully fun and relaxing day with Dad and handed my essay in, everything seems a little clearer and I’ve realised the weeks to come are no where near as crazy as I first thought.

Now, it is the weekend and I have an exciting weekend planned with my family. My Uncle and Auntie are up and Mum and Alex are travelling over on Sunday so we can all spend the day together. It doesn’t happen enough and it’s even more lovely that it’ll be in Glasgow too! The snaps in this post are from last Sunday. Scott and I had a bit of a fleeting visit but we made the most of the time and had an awesome day.

DSC_0179DSC_0163We headed for pub lunch when Scott arrived then wandered around the West End charity and vintage shops to burn off the roast and sharer plate of puds (salted caramel tart- hello!) Scott got an awesome wool dressing gown in the vintage shop and is walking around looking like Ron Burgandy. He’s pretty cool. The jacket he’s wearing in these snaps was £175 Drizabone… he got it for £25 in a charity shop! He’s a man of many talent, charity shop trawling is just one of them! We then headed for a hot chocolate with Elle and Elsa as they were having dinner out. It was lovely to all hang out.

I’m already missing that special day with my man but I’m heading round next week and expect a stop at our favourite fish and chip shop could be on the cards. It is so delicious! For now though, I’m focusing on the weekend and making the most of the much needed family time to come.

I hope you have something super exciting, special or just darn relaxing to come this weekend!

Kath xx

One thought on “Family Time

  1. I was just admiring Scott’s jacket, it looks fabulous! What an awesome thrifted find. I once found a gorgeous leather jacket that was originally $400 for $50 at a thrift shop, but then I left it out at a friend’s house who had a puppy, and presto, next morning the jacket was in shreds! At least the puppy was absurdly cute :3

    The holidays often seem so busy, so you just have to find time where you can with loved ones. I’m glad you and Scott got some quality time, even if it was just for the day.


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