Making Hearty Beef Stew

DSC_0059So I’ve kind of got out of the habit of cooking lately. With late eating because of work or being at uni during the day, I just want something super quick and easy. I do make ragu and pasta and things to pair with some breaded fish or chicken, but I haven’t made a vat of something from scratch since summer. The other day, I just really fancied a beef casserole so popped to the shop and got everything I needed to follow this recipe! I tweaked a couple of things which I’ll feature below and it made a delicious, hearty stew, perfect for these chilly temperatures. It felt good to be making something again!


To make about five portions, you will need: 1 large leek, 1 onion, 2 large carrots (or lots of baby ones), 5 bay leaves, fresh thyme sprigs, 1 tbsp butter and  1 tbsp vegetable oil, 2 tbsp plain flour, 2 tbsp tomato puree, 2 tbsp Worchestershire sauce (or wurcheschestchur as I call it…!), 600ml of stock made with 2 beef stock cubes, 850g (ish) casserole beef

  • Preheat oven to 160 degrees electric, boil the kettle in preperation for your stock and do all the chopping in advance. Everything should be CHUNKY. It makes the whole dish.


1. Add the butter and oil to the pan with all the veggies, thyme and bay leaves. Soften for about 10 minutes on medium heat,  stir in the flour really well, then add tomato puree and Worcestershire sauce.


2. Slowly stir in the stock and then add the beef. Transfer into a oven proof casserole dish with lid and put in the oven for about 2 and a half hours.

4. Remove the lid, add your dumplings now if you’ve made some (I just used a supermarket dumpling mix which you add water to, it made 6!) and cook for about 30 minutes more. Use your judgment, the originally recipe said 30 minutes to an hour more at this stage but mine was perfect with the lesser amount of time. Just be wary of your dumpling, you don’t want them to burn.

5. Eat! I serve mine with milky, butter mash and lots of fresh green vegetable.

I hope you enjoy this easy, tasty recipe as much as I did. I’ve had a couple of portions that I froze and it was great both times. I would recommend defrosting and microwaving rather than heating from frozen. I personally have no problem doing that but felt it made the beef a little tough as it needed longer for all the meat to thaw and heat through.

Let me know if you try this recipe, I’d love to see and hear all about it!

What are your go to winter warmer recipes?! I need some good recommendations for the coming months I think!

Kath xxx

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