Crazy Busy


Hello, world!

I’m sorry for the lack of posting on Wednesday. A day of food prepping and friend gathering just got away with me and by the time I’d realised what day it was, it was time to head out to see the fireworks. So apologies for that bad blogging performance!!

The last couple of weeks have been hectic and this coming month will be no exception, but it is all exciting and I can’t wait to get lost in a world of busy family, friend, festive times! I’ve one essay still due and after that it’s closing in on exam time. In between the studying hard and working hard over the busy Christmas period in the shop I work in, I’ve got a visit to come from my Dad, my Auntie and Uncle, my little brother and Scott’s wee sister, who is coming to a Lit. lecture with me at the start of next month! I’m so excited to see all these lovely people and spend bonus time with them. Sometimes I think time spent with people you love is the best way to completely unwind and forget about the business or stress that might be going on around you. But then there’s stuff your face with chocolate time, and that’s pretty successful too 😉

Today I’m working on university projects at home from the comfort of my bed. I have to code a website and then write an essay on it. Man, it is tough! I kinda of can wrap my head around the technical side but it just takes so long! It’s cool to see the whole thing come together out of something you’ve created though. As I do all that, I’m looking out my window regularly and realising that Autumn has pretty much set off on its way now. The trees are getting barer and the skies must whiter. If that wasn’t enough to remind me that it’s nearly winter, the annual John Lewis christmas ad did the job. *HEART JUST MELTS!* I’m definitely going to sit down one evening and watch every one of their ads from the past few years. They just get it right every time.

The Bonfire Bash went well (more to come!) and we had a huge pan of hot mulled apple to make the whole flat smell and feel like Christmas heaven. I definitely think it’s about time for gift brainstorming, a new scented candle and Christmas card list planning! I can’t wait but do feel like this is the first year I’ve really understood how everyone feels with the crazy busy festive period, fitting in shopping and decorating between other things. It kinda reminds me that I’m definitely an adult now. Eek!

I have my wonderful man over this weekend. It’s been too long between visits this time and I miss him loads. We’re heading for a pub lunch on Sunday and will probably head home for movies and treats before bed. Roll on Sunday!

I hope your weekend is wonderful no matter what you’re doing.

Kath x

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