CELEBRATIONS // Bonfire Bash Prep!

DSC_0030Hello, there, lovely people of the world!

I hope you are all well rested and relaxed after the weekend. This past week has been wonderful for me. Despite being busy, it was far less so than usual because of my reading week. Having the chance to go home and spend time with family, get my essay down gradually rather than rushing and coming back to Glasgow with a couple of days free to shop, cook, write, read (I haven’t done that for a while, with the exception of anthologies and textbooks!) and just enjoy life at a slightly slower pace. I realised today how long this week has felt because of it. I realised it was only 3 days since I’d been back in Glasgow, not nearly a week. I’m so enjoying this busy, fast paced way of life I have at the moment, and those occasional days or weeks off can be appreciated all the more because of it. 

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, last year I hosted a post-Bonfire Night fireworks display shindig. I cooked food and just had the gang back for a relaxed, casual, chilled out evening. I decided I wanted to make this an annual thing and have been trying to hold back from planning for weeks now. As much as I’m excited, my Lit essay had to come first! But now, my essay is done, the week is here and party planning is in full swing! AWOOHOO! I thought I’d share a little mini guide here for what I’ve got planned, then later on I’ll share some snaps and stories of the actual night.

For those non-British readers (or is it celebrated round the world? Let me know!) Guy Fawkes night falls on the 5th of November and is the night when people head to local parks to watch bonfires and firework displays. It commemorates the date Guy Fawkes was arrested guarding explosives beneath the House of Lords, planted by members of the Gunpowder Play. At least, that’s the brief summary that I can remember accurately from school! There are loads of sites which explain more and more about it but the tradition is to make a fake Guy Fawkes and burn him on the top of the Bonfire. I don’t know why I’ve grown so fond of it. We never particularly celebrated it in my family. I remember a couple of years when we went back to friends for food after the display, but I guess it’s a night that falls at my favourite time of year and I wanted to make the most of it!

Anyhow, these ideas can be transferred to any garden party, campfire or general celebration you might be having. Here goes!


The whole point of the Bonfire Bash is to cosy up with good food and drink after an evening out in the cold. I expect this year there’ll be the addition of a few bottles of wine also… especially as Hayls is coming early to help prep!! 😉 Click the links for recipes!

Mulled Apple Juice (or cider if you’d prefer!)

-Cheesy Bacon Loaded Potato Skins (my recipe, coming soon to a blog near you…)

-Cocktail sausages (is 48 too many for around 10 people..?)

Chunky Rocky Road

-Chocolate Bonfire Cake with Honeycomb, Flakes and SPARKLERS! (It’s going to be spectacular.)


My crafty decorations pictures above were super easy and fun to make, all from A Beautiful Mess. I made a pumpkin chalkboard with cardboard but using this for inspiration and the two banners from here. For the rhyme banner, I just sewed through some felt balls I had in my craft drawer for something a little different!

-Banners with rhymes or letters for the occasion. Chalkboard is always cute and easy!

-Hanging pinwheels and paper balls, like this range from Oliver Bonas. You could find far cheaper in discount stores!

-Bowls of pumpkins and gourds.

-Cake stands with treats on and jars filled with goodies, like bread sticks or candy canes (Bonfire Night is my segue to Christmas!)



I made this little Bonfire playlist for you on YouTube. It starts off themes but fizzles (heyhey, like fireworks!) into a mix of classic songs I know will get us dancing!

Well, I hope this has been a little helpful for any of you planning any sort of shindig. I can’t wait for Wednesday to come around! It’s going to be a crazy fun night, I can tell.

Enjoy the beginning of your week!

Kath xx

4 thoughts on “CELEBRATIONS // Bonfire Bash Prep!

  1. Wow, this sounds awesome! You are going all out! This is definitely NOT a holiday we celebrate in the America, haha, but the general story and rhyme did become pretty famous with the movie V for Vendetta. I’m super excited to see that cheesy bacon potato skins recipe! Loaded baked potatoes are one of my favorite “lazy night” meals 🙂


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