TVT MONTHLY // October (already?!)

This month has flewn by. Whenever I watch or read monthly favourite videos, they always say ‘I can’t believe it’s this time again.’ And now I see why! It has gone so fast. I have been fully embracing this October. The change in weather, the hustle and bustle of university deadlines, work and visits to Stirling and the Borders. It has been wonderful travelling home as much as I did. There have been moments where I’ve felt overwhelmed and stressed (though far less than this time last year when I was working toward deadlines I really didn’t want!), but also moments of feeling completely peaceful and relaxed. It’s been pretty magical overall.

I’m excited for November. Bonfire Night, the start of Christmas planning, even colder temperatures, potentially signs of snow, the end of essay deadlines and lots of visits to and from loved ones. I do wish October would stick around just a little longer though. It’s been a special month. I hope you love this time of year as much as I do and have made the most of this wonderful month!photo 1

Crafting: This pumpkin chalkboard from A Beautiful Mess!

Planning: My annual Bonfire Night bash. So excited!

Feeling: Peaceful and relaxed. With two trips back home this month, it has been really wonderful.

Wishing: I hadn’t set myself a no Christmas excitement/purchasing/celebrating rule until after the Bonfire bash!!

Reading: Lots of poetry for my course, not enough of my current book. Current as in about 3 months now…

Watching: Lord of the Rings. Finally. Scott managed to break me. He looked so delighted when I caved and said I wanted to watch with him, haha! Though I only got an hour through the first before I fell asleep so I’m yet to get any further!

Listening: To all the relaxing, Autumnal music I can. Check out my Song Love category here, I’ve shared lots of my favourites over the past year or so.

Reflecting: on how much I love my home town. I forgot it for a little while, going back this week reminded me how wonderful it is.

Embracing: the chill in the air! Though it’s still a little warmer than I’d like for the start of November…

Longing: for a mug of mulled apple and a good movie with Hayls!

Seeing: lots of awesome movies! I shared them in my Movie Roundup post but have seen Begin Again with Kiera Knightley and Mark Ruffalo since then. It was amazing! We bought popcorn and went for drinks after, they’re pretty cool people… ahaha. I’m such a goof. In all seriousness though, amazing film! I didn’t want it to end.

Adoring: my wonderful friend Elle. We finally got the chance to catch up the other day and it was so amazing! We spent hours talking about everything and anything.

Worrying: about essays and deadlines. I’ve more than enough time to get it done and I’m enjoying doing them, but it’s always in the forefront of my mind! Plus, HTML coding is totally crazy. Hats off to all those awesome internet gurus out there!

Realising: that time flies when your busy. That time flies even when you’re not busy. That more than ever, I want to be making the most of every moment!

Sharing: the love with adorable videos like this…

I also wanted to say a big thank you for all the support and reads this month. It’s pretty special watching my little blog get a growing amount of attention. I appreciate every little bit of support I get here. It’s my happy place and anyone reading this right now makes me even happier!

Thank you!!

Kath xx

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