Sunday Fun Day

I try (and usually fail!) not to start a day with a preconceived idea of what it’ll be. This moment will be a special one because I’m doing this with this person. Preplanning the special moments in life kind of takes some of the excitement out of it I think. This season especially makes me want to plan my day out moment by moment. It’ll be cosy and lazy with candles and mugs of tea therefore it’ll be peaceful and relaxing. Sometimes days aren’t how you expect so you should just go along with them. It’s usually the days when I’ve thought I’d be busy and manic when I’ve ended up napping cosily all afternoon. And napping for me is a big deal!

Yesterday was the exception to the rule though. I travelled home all morning. It was busy and bumpy and stop-start-y and I was so happy to get off the bus! I came home to a delicious roast dinner, apple strudel for desert, catch ups with family, some (light!) essay work snuggles on the sofa with the cat, a quick pub trip with a blustery walk, home for cups of tea, cookies and Downton Abbey. It was one of those perfect combinations of crazy and calm. Busy and lazy. Exciting and sleepy.

I love those days. How was your weekend?

Kath xxx

One thought on “Sunday Fun Day

  1. Isn’t it great when you have a perfect day, even when you’re not doing much of anything at all? I kind of had that this weekend too 🙂 Lots of working on cooking projects, watching TV, playing Cards Against Humanity with friends, and drinking mugs of tea. I wish I could guarantee one of those days EVERY week, haha.


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