Movie Roundup // Date Night!


^^Some date night fashion inspiration. This was from me and Mum’s afternoon cinema trip <3^^

“Saturday night! The big night, date night, Saturday night! SAT-UR-DAY NIGHT!”

Oh, come on, you know what it’s from? The series I’ve quoted maybe one too many times? The series everyone watches on loop and can easily quote or recite off an entire episodes plotlines? Y’know? Friends! Scott and I went for a proper date night at the weekend and spent the majority of our time just dropping relevant Friends quotes in to conversaton, including this one. I’ve totally got an episode on in the background while I write this… Anyway, surprisingly this is not a post about the Friends show so I will stop rambling on!

So on Saturday, Scott met me from work and we planned to head to the cinema to see What We Did On Our Holiday. We had some time to kill but not enough to go home or go out for dinner. I bought a selection of goodies and we decided to have a cinema picnic! Wraps, rolls, hummus, fruit, popcorn, the works! We headed to Pret to have a cuppa and started on our ‘dinner’! It was lovely having some time to unwind after a busy day and to catch up with my man. Glasgow was so bustling on a Saturday night. Couples out on date night, friends catching up, buskers on the street. It was such a wonderful atmosphere.

Now on with the roundup!

What We Did On Our Holiday

I saw this the week before with Mum but Scott watched the trailer and thought it looked hilarious. It really is! It’s such an honest story of family, love, life. It’s completely feel good but has the emotional moments in to. Now, I love a feel good film at the best of times, but when it features shots of this beautiful country I call home and a plethora of incredible actings, it kinda makes it all the more special! Rosamund Pike, Billy Connolly, David Tennant, and a charming ground of kids. It makes the whole thing so much more enjoyable and relatable when you can see the cast as down to earth people. It is a wonderful portrayal of modern day family life and of family dynamics. I think there’s probably at least one character in there you can relate to, even if just on a small level. If you want to laugh and cry within minutes of each other, this emotional, funny, touching, honest, and feel good movie is so perfect!

The Judge

Hayley and I like to make the most of our uni free afternoons when we’re not slaving over textbooks and meeting up for a cinema date has been our activity of choice lately! It’s so easy for both of us to get to and means we can catch up before and after even if we’re not doing dinner back at one of our flats… which we usually do. Such hard workers! Hehe. This week, we both wanted to see Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge. Now, my Mum has installed in me a necessity to check the ‘Tomatomoter’ (also knows as Rotten Tomatoes!) for film reviews before we see things. This was pretty mixed. The critics gave it pretty low at 40% but the audience well up at 80%. I was of course going to go anyway but even so, chose to ignore the critics if most of the views had been enjoying it. Plus, it’s Robert Downey Jr. How bad could it be with him in it?!

It was amazing. I really lovely it! I won’t attempt to explain it because I’m useless at that but you can watch the trailer above. The shots were stunning and the cast, of course, played all the roles wonderfully. I like films which make you laugh and cry (you’ll see that theme running through the round up already!) and this did both. For a serious, deep plot line, it didn’t feel like a really heavy, weighty film that you had to pay close attention to detail or keep track of who and what. You could relax and watch it and enjoy it easily without losing track of the plot or the characters. For an emotional film, that’s a good bonus in my books! I honestly loved the film from beginning to end and would recommend it to anyone with any film taste. It was refreshing to see Robert Downey Jr. in something different if nothing else. A wonderful cast, beautiful settings and a heartfelt story. It also featured Bon Iver- Holocene which is a beautiful song already and I know want to shed a tear whenever I hear it. I gave it a hearty 9/10 to my friends afterwards… but I’m not a hard to please!!

 The Hundred Foot Journey

Another laugher and a crier all in one! I told you it’d be a theme ;). This was another movie date with Hayley but a few weeks ago now. She’s seen it and wanted to go again and it sounded awesome to me. It did not disappoint! Helen Mirren rocks in most things she does but alongside the rest of the cast in this, it was just a wonderful ensemble. The setting was just gorgeous. I always love seeing the French villages and countryside in movies and on TV because we holidayed there when I was little and it brings me back memories of endless drives with us three in the back asking ‘are we there yet?!’ It was such a unique story of love, family, friendship and food (!!). It was quite refreshing to watch something that had storylines woven in to each other that resolved gradually throughout the film. At first it appears to be the resteraunts rivalry that is key but it becomes more about Hassan and his talent, his life and his dreams. I won’t say much more than that about the plot, it’s just lovely to watch a film that unfolds slowly in unexpected ways. I think it may be out of cinemas now but grab this on DVD with a (big!) box of chocolates and cosy up on the sofa. It’s so truly enjoyable and fun and unique. I reckon anyone would love it!

So that’s my selection of movies for you from this month! They’re similar in that they’re feel good, positive and easy to watch features, but completely different in cast and storyline. Something I’ve just started doing which my Auntie and Uncle told me about it stapling every cinema ticket to my calander. That way, when you look back over the year, you see which films you’ve seen. Or if you can’t remember a film you’ve seen, you can use that as a reference. I only started with my ticket from Saturday night so had to text Hayley because I couldn’t remember what we saw a few weeks ago, haha! Time flies…

What are you doing this weekend? Any date night plans with family, friends or significant others?! Give me some tips if you have!

Kath xxx

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