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Well, hello there, lovely people of the internet!

So, this post started with some shopping. A very satisfying shop! You know some days you plan to go shopping with nothing in mind and find everything, but usually when you have a list in mind it all goes wrong and you just can’t find what your looking for? I managed to avoid that for the first time ever! I had a rough list in mind of some things I wanted to pick up and an idea of which shops to check out but just headed in last week with an open mind to make the most of my free day. I was so happy I came away with a fun selection of goodies which have made everything seem a little cosier these chilly evenings!

I felt a little inspired to create a video of all these bits and bobs so looked around YouTube for some cool ideas. This video from last year was the kind of thing I wanted to go for so I set up my wee background and shot away. I’ve played around with videos a lot now. Daily montages are my favourite because I can just shoot away at friends, family or things around me that are making me smile. I like doing this type of montage too though it’s hard to get the focus, quality and final edit I want because it’s all new to me and I’m just using the equipment I already have. I’ve done sit down and chat style videos too but I’m not sure if that’s something I want to venture in to any more yet. Maybe for tutorials and things but I always felt like I was forcing myself to come up with something whereas blogging comes far more naturally to me! Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think about this video! I’m kind of proud of it, short as it may be. I don’t want to limit my posts to video only though so here is a little breakdown of the bits I got and why I love them this season…

Pumpkin Spice Candle – I was in the mood for some Autumnal scented candles to cosy up my bedroom a little. I bought an amazing 3-wick scented one from TK Maxx over summer for an awesome price so that was my first stop. There were so many to choose from! A lot of them were a little too sweet or overpowering but this one was perfect. I’ve been trying to figure out the original make and all I can see in ‘Vesta’ but Google isn’t showing me many results! If you know this make, I’d love to know! I got this 2-wicker for £5.99 which I think is pretty good for a big candle which should last me a while.

My Autumn Soundtrack – There’s something about a change of season that just gets me right back in to my music. I’ve spoken about it before on the blog and I just love autumn and winter for finding a new playlist and making sure it’s on my computer, phone, iPod, everywhere! I’m going to be sharing my full playlist with you shortly so look out if you’re interested!

Body Shop Almond Shower Gel, Almond Butter and Shea Lip Butter – Body Shop are tried and tested. I love their products but they can be a little pricey for everyday shower gels. I went in a few weeks back with Hayley and we opted to wait for the next sale, especially leading up to Christmas time. We were right to do so because when I was out shopping last week I saw 50% off all body butters! I went in and tried a few scents and that’s how I ended up with this selection of goodies! The Almond scent is perfect for a relaxing pamper session or when I just fancy a bit of TLC. It’s subtle to so I can were perfumes over it no worries. The lip butter is handy for the morning after I’ve done my make up and the evening when I’ve done my skin routine, although I find it a little sticky during the day. 

Body Shop Lipstick in Lycee – I have had this lipstick for years… probably too many actually! It’s such a great colour for an easy, natural, everyday look. It’s browny, orangey tone so is handy for the days when I want neutral but something a little different from my normal lip colour and skin tone. 

Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick in #107 – I got this shade last summer after seeing lots of fellow bloggers and YouTubers wearing it. It’s a deep colour great for evenings and parties but if I layer it well, it works for a long lasting, dramatic day look too.

Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow in Rosy Gold – I spent  the other day uhm-ing and ah-ing over my everyday make up routine (serious issues, I know!) and found this shadow I got for a sparkly Christmas look last year. I’ve just been putting this over my neutral cream coloured shadow, using a little black felt liner and then mascara for an easy, fresh, everyday look.

Lush Dreamtime Bath Melt – Because I just know I’ll come in one of these night freezing and wet from the autumnal showers and just want a cosy bath to warm me up! I much prefer the melts to the bombs that change the water colour.

Pukka Love Tea- I first tried this tea years ago. Scott’s Dad had been in a meeting and brought a little sample tea home. Scott gave it to me as a wee present (what a sweety?!) and I fell in LOVE with it… it did what it said on the tin 😉 It’s so calming and subtle so great before bed or during a relaxing pamper session.

Paprika Roasted Vegetables… or anything roasted! – I roasted these veggies for the soup I shared here and ever since have been craving various alternative roasted goods. On Sunday, Scott and I cooking up a full roast dinner. Chicken, potatoes, veggies, honey glazed carrots, stuffing, homemade gravy, the lot. It was so delicious and I can’t wait to make more!!

I’d love to know what your favourite things are this Autumn too! What bits and bobs would you include in your essentials list?

Kath xx

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