ROAMING// The Hidden Lane Tea Rooms

DSC_0063A few weeks back now, Lyd and I decide to make the most of our free Friday and head for brunch. She had a spot in mind that she’d been meaning to take me to for my birthday back in April. Lyd is officially the coffee shop queen. She knows all the right places to go and always picks a good spot. I keep seeing places that look cool to try but she’s always been there first, hehe!

I was so impressed. It was a little walk from us but it was lovely to chat away with Lyd as it was fairly shortly after we’d gone back to uni and it was awesome scouting out places I hadn’t seen before. The food was delicious, lunches and cakes, the service lovely and the design of the place was amazing. I kinda felt like a bull in (literally) a china shop. I had my big winter boots on for the first time since the season had changed and I’m surrounded by gorgeously delicate china and antique furniture… a vaguely awkward combo!

Here’s some snaps of our visit!!
DSC_0057DSC_0087^^Look at that amazing array of cakes?! There was loads to choose from and lots of curiosities to look at aside from the treats too! I loved all the pastel colours going on as well. Pretty as a picture!^^DSC_0060 DSC_0074^^Lyd looking all gorgeous! She’s such a gem. She had this advocado toast which looked amazing and sounded it too! I had a tuna ciabatta which was so tasty. I loved the jam jars as water classes too.^^DSC_0081 DSC_0080^^And I had a delicious scone. Mmm, all the goodness! It was so hard to choose just one cake but when you fancy a scone, you just got to do it.^^

I’d recommend the Hidden Lane Tea Rooms anyone who fancies a wee treat. It looked like the offered an awesome afternoon tea option as well! Scott and I had a fab weekend relaxing with cinema trips, roast dinners and good movies (About Time. Again.) at home and I’ve been busy with back to uni stuff today. I’ve been working on a post I’m really excited about so hopefully I can share that with you sometime this week! Have you had a good weekend?! I’d love to hear as always ❤

Kath xx

2 thoughts on “ROAMING// The Hidden Lane Tea Rooms

  1. Aww, this looks like so much fun! Your scone and your girl friend’s avocado toast both look amazing. We really don’t have very many “tea shops” around here (of course, in America we’re far more fond of lattes), but I always think they’re so charming in a way a bustling coffee shop isn’t.


  2. Is it pronounced “scown” or “soon”? When u r eating it it’s scown and when u have finished its skon here here xxxxxxx

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