Recipe Round Up // Making Soups

DSC_0031I’ve never really been a soup person. The shop bought ones are always too sugary and aren’t really that good for you, I’m picky about what kinds I like so never really know what to make and I have a ridiculous appetite so always end up hungry an hour later anyway. That said, however, on these chillier night, sometimes all I want is just a big warm bowl of goodness to cosy up with and I’ve managed to round up 3 soup recipes which I actually really enjoy! First up, chicken noodle soup. I found this recipe last winter because I wanted an easy but delicious dinner idea and, man, this is it! It’s super quick to make with not that many ingredients. I love oriental food but sometimes you have to spend a fortune on getting together all the ingredients needed to get all the delicious flavour. This is a really simple alternative. It is also really affordable because you only use 2 chicken breasts and it does 4-5 meals! If I have it for dinner, I put some spring rolls on the side but for lunch, it’s perfect on its own. I double the recipe linked there as it’s only designed for 2 people and I prefer to cook in bulk!

Another great soup is this lentil and bacon concoction. I made this for bonfire night last year for about 15 odd friends. It was so easy to cook in vast quantities and went very far. Everyone wanted seconds though so there wasn’t any left at the end of the night! Admittedly, the spices in this one are not my favourite. If I make it again just for me, I’d probably substitute something else which I prefer but the flavour is delicious and all my friends keep requesting it for this years Bonfire Bash as well Again, it’s super easy to multiple the recipe, just be sure to taste throughout and alter to your liking!

Finally, today I made YouTuber Essie Button’s Protein Power Soup. It is a wonderful mix of roasted vegetables in a flavour filled tomato base. Can’t go wrong there! As its a video tutorial, you can judge by eye the quantities she uses and adjust it to your taste. I copied pretty much what she used (3 small sweet potato, 2 onions- 1 red, 1 white, 2 peppers, 2 large carrots) but also added some cherry tomatoes and was quite heavy on the paprika seasoning. Paprika is good! I opted for it without the chilli but added a sprinkle of chilli flakes so it still had that slight flavour without being crazy hot. I reckon I’ve got 5 or 6 portions there and as it’s quite chunky, it’ll do me for lunch or dinner over the week. I also really like that, because the veg is all softened from roasting, there was no need to blend or finely chop so you do feel like you’re eating something more substantial than normal! That’s one for the recipe file for sure.

I’d love to know if you try any of these recipes! You can tweet me @TVTvintage or Instagram pics @thosevintagethoughts. Any recommendations are always greatly appreciated too! Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you do! Kath xxx

3 thoughts on “Recipe Round Up // Making Soups

  1. Hello, I was trying yo click through to the soup recipes and for the noodle soup I got to an error page and the others went nowhere……would love to try them if you can direct me? Thanks!

    • Hiya! Thanks for the comment, I’ve fixed the noodle soup link but the other two appear to be working for me! You could YouTube ‘Essie Button Soup’ for her recipe video and google ‘lentil and bacon soup BBC good food’ for the other 🙂 Enjoy! X

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