Wishing the days away…

DSC_0278The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least. It feels like it has been a big muddle of university, work, friends, family and taking time to myself and I’ve been desperately trying to fit all those components in to life in the right measures. I feel sort of like my days have rolled in to one and the weeks have rolled on from that in to an even bigger one. In the past, I’ve let myself become stressed or over busy and I’ve needed someone else to tell me to stop. Now, I’m far better at making sure I do the me time. Maybe a little too good…

See, with all the craziness that has been life, I’ve constantly had it in the forefront of my mind that I need to not let it all get the better of me. I spent my days thinking about the fact I’d be home at x time and could do relaxing things then. Rather than sitting through lunch with friends and enjoying the moment, I was thinking ahead to later that day when all the busy stuff would be done for the day. I even found myself one Friday thinking about the Monday when I would be home at 4ish and could do dinner then blog posts then reading then catch up on TV. That’s when I realised how ridiculous it was that I was planning at least 2 or 3 days ahead for the little things that should really be spontaneous. I realised I was literally wishing the days away. I got so preoccupied with ensuring life didn’t get to crazy, that I was ignorant to the fact that crazy can sometimes be good.

So maybe a couple of my days consist of an endless stream of lectures that can make me a little sleepy and cause my concentration to waver. I enjoy all the subjects I’m studying so why not listen and make the most out of the fact I’m here to learn and grow? So maybe it’s logistically awkward to get from home to uni to the city centre then back again. So what? I love exploring this city and will find a way that, actually, is kinda fun! So maybe work seems like a bit of a chore after a busy week at uni. I LOVE my job and the people I work with and never feel for a second it’s a chore when I’m there!! Who doesn’t feel like the day is gonna be tough at 7am? An hour later it’s right as rain and the day is excitingly ahead. And maybe going straight from work to a friends then to bed late before waking up to get a train to visit Scott seems manic and busy. But, come on, I love that man and nothing is difficult when I’m with him doing all the things we love most.

I realised how crazy it was that I was spending life waiting for the next thing rather being where I was in that moment fully and taking everything out of it I could. And I’m so glad it became so obvious to be so quickly. The thing I strive most for in life is balance. It’s basically my favourite word… ;). And this was exactly the kind of situation I had to step back and look at to remind myself that I needed the balance between planning ahead and ‘living in the moment.’ I’ve always been a planner but there’s a difference between planning a journey or a day out and planning every detail on your time.

So this weekend, I could of looked on the crazy early start and long journey back home with a sense of dread but instead I thought about how awesome it was that I got to spend a day with my man, a friend and the most gorgeous baby boy around. I got to see my little brother and realise how grown up he’s getting. I spent a cosy, Autumnal day out with my Mum and had a meal out with the family too. I spent the weekend feeling peaceful and calm and with a generally more positive outlook on… well, on just that one day. No planning, no thinking ahead, just enjoying. It was bliss.

So whatever you have going on this week, good or bad, just take a step back and realise… you’ve probably got it pretty good. Enjoy what you’re doing and maybe you’ll realise that the mundane or stressful or scary everyday stuff can turn in to something pretty special.

Happy Monday, friends. Make this week a good’un.

Kath xxx

One thought on “Wishing the days away…

  1. awww hun, live them then, every one, as long as they may last, when they are done, you may move on, but those moments are your past ( full poem in ‘that book’) love you xxx

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