NOTE: although this post is all about our Bake Off Final celebration, I will not share the winner anywhere in this post… although it’s at least Friday when you’re reading this and you should most definitely have watched or accidentally found out by now!DSC_0052This season of Bake Off has been such a good one! I loved pretty much all of the contestants, particularly the finalists. Since we were just oh so excited for this final and I hadn’t properly caught up with my wonderful pals Anna and Andi since we returned to uni, this was the perfect opportunity to have a huge marathon baking get together… as if we really needed an excuse to stuff our faces with baked goods 😉 We chatted over lasagne, garlic bread and salad for dinner before working hard to earn our array of puddings!DSC_0067DSC_0032

This is Hayley prepping the apples for our spiced apple cupcakes. They were amazing. The mixture was filled with delicious festive spices and you cut out a chunk in the middle and fill with the delicious apple sauce. To really top it off we decorated with maple syrup buttercream. It was wonderfully weird!

It was so hilarious decorating these. The icing was super thick and with the gooey apple spilling over, it would of been impossible to spread the icing. We attempted to make piping bags out of sandwich bags but it ended up just falling in dollops over them and looking pretty awful, ahaha! It did taste amazing though and that’s really all that matters! It felt so autumnal with the kitchen full of the scents of apple, cinnamon and nutmeg, always a welcome feeling in my books!

We made all the cakes without a mixer (I just love doing it all by hand!!) but when we got to the icing, Hayley realised I had a mixer. She was not impressed I’d failed to mention it up to that point, haha!

And Andi getting started on the carrot cake. We were between cupcakes and a cake but decided to stick with the original for this one. I shared the recipe back in 2012 here, actually! I can’t remember where on earth I found it but my goodness, am I glad I did?! I used to make a square with a thin royal icing but now do an overly indulgent cream cheese frosting to sandwich the two together. Mmm. Just can’t get enough!

I’m heading home for the weekend tomorrow so I’ve put all the leftovers in a box for the family. Hopefully if they eat it, it’ll save myself from temptation!

It was so wonderful to catch up with all the girlies again. I met Anna and Andi in our business lectures last year and we just hit it off! They came over to halls last year to bake traditional German christmas goodies and we had such a blast. I went to there’s for a Halloween party and then we had an awesome meal and Pitch Perfect party. We know how to socialize! Hopefully next time I can head around to see there new flat! It’s so nice getting to see all my friends in there own flats and places now, it’s been crazy exciting.

DSC_0088DSC_0117Mmm, the finished result! They did not fail to impress!

Ahaha, just get a look at that icing sugar covered jumper and the ridiculously lumpy cream cheese. Hayley may be smiling there in the background but she was totally thinking ‘what the heck is she doing to this icing?!’ Sorry, Hayls 😉
DSC_0108And to finish it off, Hayley wowed us all with homemade honeycomb… who knew?! It was fairly simple and was truly awesome to watch. It tastes exactly like the inside of a Crunchie bar. So satisfying!

I’m sure this post has left you either craving cake and sweet treats or really wanted to go binge watch all of the Bake Off because you’re now so sad it’s over! Well, good news friends, IT’S THE WEEKEND! So we can do both of those things and enjoy them guilt free! Yay!

Happy weekending!

Kath x

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