Time with my man

DSC_0017Well, hello and happy Wednesday to you! Ooh, that went a little Miranda Hart-esque for a second. She’s hilarious so we’ll just roll with it! I hope all you lovely people are having a wonderful week… half way to the weekend, everyone, positive thoughts! I’m feeling particularly happy and chirpy because I just spent about 3 hours attempting to deform a sonnet for an English Literature assignment and finally I’ve got something I’m happy with and feel I can write an essay on. HURRAY! Lydia is in her second year of studying Lit. so I go to her if I need a vote of confidence… she’s a gem!

Anyhow, today I wanted to share some silly snaps from Scott’s visit this weekend. I didn’t think we’d snap any photos because we had such a lazy, relaxing few days but we were chilling out and the light was so pretty that I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera. I’ve been keeping a photo journal recently and wanted to make sure those odd days with not much going on didn’t get lost in between the festivites and day trips! DSC_0003

Aww, would you just look at that face?! As I said, it was a mainly lazy weekend this one. Scott arrived Saturday night. We headed home for wedges, sausages and my special beans (which aren’t really that special and are actually Mum’s recipe, not mine…!) We snuggled down to watch Monsters University after catch ups with the flatties but I fell asleep about 30 minutes in. Scott woke me up at 2ish to tell me he was going to sleep as well, ahaha!

Sunday morning consisted of everything it should. Bed, reading, tea, jam smothered toast and Radio 2. It was bliss! We headed out to trawl some charity shops in the afternoon which is always fun when Scott’s around. He is so good at finding little treasures! I’m getting better at the haggling side of things so together, we’re a pretty awesome team 😉 We ate roast duck for dinner which was divine (and not made by us from scratch, sadly!) before watching Wreck It Ralph. We had a good few days as far as animated movies go!

DSC_0026 DSC_0010

In my head, I’d kind of prepared myself for going back to seeing Scott once a fortnight now uni is back. That’s what we did last term so I assumed after summer it would be the same again. Everyone asks me if I miss him only seeing him every couple of weeks, and of course I do, but because I know there’s the same amount of time between each visit it’s easier to get used to than random visits at any time. I also know that we’re fortunate to live so close with such an easy commute. Once a fortnight for many people is not a long wait at all. When Scott was over, I was planning when we were next going to be together expecting it to be two weeks away. He always tells me sweet and lovely things to make me know he loves me but when he said ‘well, can’t we see each other every week instead??’ my heart just melted. YES! OF COURSE WE FREAKIN’ CAN! So next weekend I’m off to Stirling to be goofy and fun and silly and happy with this treasure all over again and I cannot wait!

He’s a special man with a special heart and I’m awfully lucky to have him in my life.

Kath xxx

2 thoughts on “Time with my man

  1. You two are adorable ❤ I know how challenging the long distance thing can be, even when it's not that long. My BF and I did it for 2.5 years after we graduated from university. It was a 3 hour drive, which one of us managed to do most weekends, but it was still tough and exhausting. How long of a commute do you two have?


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