TVT LOVE // September

I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a monthly favourite posts for a while. I did a post at the end of August where I shared my favourite film, song, story and shop. I’m never quite sure which way to write them. I considered doing a video montage with a voice over but that kind of limits what I’m loving to objects and items rather than ideas, thoughts or plans. I was also wary of it coming across like a monthly post round up. I personally prefer seeing new things and reading about them there and then rather than linking back over and over. I’ve been browsing around blogs to seek inspiration and think I’ve come up with a plan!

Something I really wanted to ensure was that my ‘TVT LOVE’ posts can be interactive. When I read people rounding up their favourite things, I want to comment with my feedback on that book, my excitement to try a recipe, my advice on visiting that place. I’d love to be chatting with my readers in an interactive way rather than me just rambling on at you! I’ve come up with a list of things that I love writing about on my blog and each month, I’ll fill in the blanks! This was heavily inspired by A Rosie Outlook’s ‘Taking Stock’ posts. I only started reading her blog recently but she’s already got me refreshing on a regular basis for new posts!

Let me know if you think there are other things you’d like to share too!


Snapping: anything and everything Autumnal. Baby pumpkins anyone?

Cooking: lemon & sage chicken from the awesome Sorted Food channel. I have made it about 20 times in the last 2 months, I swear! So easy but super tasty.

Celebrating: friends being back in this city, especially Hayls. It is the best thing having her only a 10 minute train ride away rather than a whole afternoon’s worth of buses or car rides. We had prosecco with dinner the other night and I don’t doubt there’ll be many more to come!

Listening: to the Harry Potter audio books narrated by Stephen Fry. Again. 

Roaming: this beautiful city as always. Lydia took me to the Hidden Lane Tea Rooms today. So beautiful! We had an amazing morning wandering there as well.

Feeling: overwhelmed. Change is always difficult, even when you know it’s all good. This month has just been a rolling series of events that I feel like I’m finally settling in to.

Styling: my pretty red dress worn here. I’ve worn it so much. Here’s a snap that didn’t make the final cut!DSC_0031

Planning: blog posts and ideas. I have so loved blogging this month. I’ve been a mix of busy and free so I’ve challenged myself in terms of post writing. I’ve stuck to my new schedule and feel really happy and comfortable with that. I’ve been working hard to make my posts the standard of quality I want to achieve so have felt even prouder of them when I publish. Plus, I’ve been able to network more and have met some fabulous bloggers through the #lbloggers chat on Twitter! I have always been a planner, and when you can plan something you really love, it’s all the more exciting!

Reading: poetry toolkits, anthologies and course material. Luckily, it’s been far more enjoyable reading than last years! Yay! I’ve also been reading ‘On Green Dolphin Street’ by Sebastian Faulks. I’m about half way through but love the character of Mary. Now I’m back to uni I’m trying extra hard to make time for reading.

Watching: The Village has just finished for the series. I loved season 1 but thought this years was so much better! The characters are all so interesting and the cast portray them incredibly well. It’s definitely one of my favourite historical dramas. Luckily though, it finished just in time for Downton!!

Sharing: all the love for fellow lifestyle blogger Oddly Lovely. I feel like I’ve made a true internet friend! She has been amazing at giving me advice for the blog. Check her out, she shares awesome recipes (they’ll have you drooling), super cute outfits and shares her favourite things from everyday life. Go read it… now!

So now the chat begins… what have you been loving? Anything big happened during September that you’re really excited about? I’d love to know!

Kath x

4 thoughts on “TVT LOVE // September

  1. Aww, blogger buddy, you gave me a shout out! Thank you! It’s been so much fun getting to know you as well. I’m so madly in love with the red dress you wore in that photo shoot, and also how you don’t take yourself too seriously when taking photos. I wish I could just chill out, be goofy, and drop the “model” face when I have a camera pointed at me!

    I’ve also gotta try that lemon and sage chicken. I’ve never cooked with sage before, but I love the taste!


    • Of course I did- you’re awesome!! Thank you so much! Whenever I’m with my little brother, I get him to snap some outfit shots and he gets so annoyed if I pose. ‘Kath, look natural!’ ‘Kath, spin around and then laugh!’ It’s hilarious! I usually just try and giggle at how silly I feel and voila, end up with a few good natural shots 😀

      You should, it’s incredible! And super easy, I’m all about the easy cooking, hehe.

      Thanks, girly! Kath x

  2. Hey you my gorgeous blogtastic babe, love what you’ve written here. But alas I am waiting for the lemon and sage chicken …. still!!
    Lots of love, Mum xx

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