Officially Autumn

So brace yourself everyone, because no matter what happens with the weather now, it is officially Autumn *excited dance!* Summer, it has been nice but I am so ready to embrace my favourite seasom now! Despite my to-ing and fro-ing here on the blog about which season I want to be in, Autumn and Winter are my favourites. DSC_0059

I am back to university and oh my gosh, I LOVE my course! Both English Literature and English Language have been so fun. I am so relieved to know already that changing my subject and restarting my 4 year studies has been worth it. Major panic over. I had a lunch time gap today and thought I’d take my camera out and about with me again. I said a little while ago that I wanted to get better at snapping nature and buildings as well as people which is what I’ve been focused on recently. It was good fun and I couldn’t help but smile as I edited them. Autumn is good. Autumn in Glasgow? Well, that’s just wonderful!

DSC_0007 DSC_0044 DSC_0042Here’s a little insight in to just why I love this season quite as much as I do…

  • Eating gets a whole lot more interesting. I think this happens with every season so the change is always welcome. I’m looking forward to cosy soups and casseroles, roast dinners and hearty pies, mulled apple and so many deliciously satisfying puds. I’m talking all sorts of fruit crumbles, sticky toffee, bread and butter pudding… *drool*.
  • The start of festivities. I so enjoy getting together with friends and family and getting all overwhelmed with love for them! Halloween, Bonfire Night, the lead up to Christmas, all on top of many of my friends birthdays. I love hosting so can’t wait to throw a Bonfire bash after the fireworks this year.
  • Family visits. Dad usually visits in November time, I often head down to England for a trip, I get a chance to go home some weekends while back at uni. Autumn always seems to be filled with family and trips with so many memories and happy moments.
  • Fashion. Layers and coats and scarves and general cosy attire. Suits me just fine.
  • Naps. Okay, so usually I’m not a napper. I just can’t nap, don’t nap. However, when Autumn hits I guess all the things I’m been listing accumulate and I feel this wave of happy, lovey, cosy, laziness that allows me to curl up with a book or a film and nap for an afternoon. It makes me so excited! My best nap was actually with Hayley last year. We both fell asleep under the blanket on my little bed while watching Elf and woke up about the same time very disorientated but equally relaxed. Anyone else get this? Nope? Just me? Okay then…

DSC_0062DSC_0015I cannot wait for this seasons. WARNING AND SPOILER ALERT. It’s gonna get a whole lotta seasonal up in here! Summer lovers, beware!

What do you love about this season? Is it your favourite to? I’d love to hear!

Kath x

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