Family Fun

1Hello, all! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. After a torrential downpour in Glasgow on Saturday morning, the sun came out and has stuck around, giving us a bit of an Indian summer to enjoy. I keep saying how ready I am for Autumn but then the sun shines and I kind of wish summer would stick around a bit. As much as I can’t wait for the seasons change, I don’t know if I can quite part with Nardini’s double scoop waffle cone ice creams yet. Too good!

I had such a fun weekend! As I said in my previous post, last week felt like a bit of a rush and I had so much to squeeze in each day. This weekend reminded me that even though I have plans, I do actually still have time to do things too! Now I’m planning my week ahead and realising that even though uni starts, I have time to make the most of as well. Sometimes I just need to stop and remember that I don’t actually need to worry about every little thing! 

So after a busy day working on Saturday, I headed to Epicure’s for dinner (I spoke about it in this post!) and had a lovely meal with Anna, Lydia and Lydia’s parents. It was so cool to do a sort of official flat celebration! Lyd’s parents were so wonderful and it was great to get to chat away over good food. The crème brûlée? So yummy! Sadly the service wasn’t great again which was a real shame but when you’ve got great company, it doesn’t matter as much. We came home for an early night. Being in bed by 10pm catching up on Bake Off: An Extra Slice made me so happy. What a crazy student lifestyle I lead?! 😉

On Sunday I got up at 9ish to clean. Call me crazy, but I love cleaning on a Sunday. Get it done in the morning and relax all afternoon with no worries about when you’re going to fit in the boring stuff the rest of the week. Perfect solution in my eyes! I was expecting Mum at half 11ish and she turned up with Alex too which was the best surprise! I miss that little guy, though he’s really not that little anymore! Weird 14 year old boy hormones.

We headed out to Hanoi Bike Shop for lunch. That place is just the most amazing, flavour filled delight. Check it out. If you’re not sure about. or haven’t ever tried Vietnamese food (I hadn’t), this is so the place to go. We got ice creams after and headed to the park where Alex climbed the climbing frame unlike anyone has climbed it before. He looked like a giant compared to all the toddlers running about. I think they thought the same as they watched this crazy boy jump off the very highest point of the slide!! I missed my Mama so much so I got to catch up with her in the sun. There’s Skype or phone but it’s not the same as the real thing.

I had the best day and Lyd kindly snapped some pictures of the three of us before they left. It’s clear I love taking pictures of everything and anything so wanted to capture a memory of the day that way. We ended up just being as goofy as always and they came out so lovely!

DSC_0022DSC_0023No matter how crazy they can be, no matter how weird or wonderful, family is just the best and I am so lucky to have these special people in my life. I love you, guys!!!  DSC_0021I’m off to prepare textbooks and notepads for the week of lectures ahead. Wish me luck!

Have a great week! Kath xxx

2 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. Awww, you guys are so adorable! I WISH I had gotten more cleaning done this weekend. Now it’s definitely hanging over my head a bit. Instead I cooked a whole lot of food and took photos for the blog, since I don’t really have enough light after work at 7pm to do that any more. Also, creme brulee is totally my favorite dessert ever. I’m so jealous!


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