That Friday Feeling

DSC_0033My weekends this summer have kind of fallen behind everyone else. I chat to people and get all excited for them about the weekend ahead while knowing full well that I’m going to be working so won’t actually be indulging in the luxury of those two days off. I’ve made the most of my days off when they came round but now I’m back at university, it means that those weekday sleep-ins are going to become more of a rarity than they have been the last few months. However, getting back to studying has also meant I have changed my rota at work, and so this month I have three free Sundays to enjoy! This is a big deal! I posted a (ridiculously silly) video last summer (nope, I’m not linking to it, trawl my posts if you must) in which I said how much I love Sunday’s. Maybe it’s more of the idea of them than the actual day itself but either way, I can’t wait to make the most of it. My Mama is coming to visit this week which I cannot wait for. I’ve missed her so much!

It has been a busy week for me so I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you all. As university doesn’t start until next Monday, it has been lovely having a week with days off to enjoy catching up with friends and getting odd jobs done. So here’s to your weekend, whether it has been a midweek mix up or is still to come!


I baked Carrot Cake. Baking is definitely not my cooking forte, but banana bread and carrot cake I can rustle up pretty well. I usually make a square with a thin icing, as I did here. This time, I used two normal round tins and made a cream cheese frosting to spread in the middle and on top. My oh my, it was some moist, light, creamy deliciousness. Mmmm.

-I visited my man in his new flat! He’s all set up and his room is so spacious and bright. I definitely needed a night away with him to just relax and enjoy being in my happiest place. We watched Anchorman 2, ate a yummy dinner (thanks, Chef Scott!) and treated ourselves to Malteasers. It was wonderful!

-I caught up with friends over lunch and with tea and cake. It is so fun to see everyone again and it’s nice to have somewhere that feels homely and welcoming to invite them to.

-I went to my first lecture! It was an induction in to English Literature so was kind of scary and exciting in equal parts. It was hard going in to a room knowing no one when last year you could see familiar faces or meet with friends before but the subject sounds great and I am so excited to get in to it properly!

-Pub nights were a plenty. We found our local which seems like a good spot for lots of us to get to of an evening. There are cocktails and a pool table so I am happy!

-Getting in to flatmate life. It has been so wonderful living with Anna and Lyd. They are some of the sweetest ladies I know and late night Friends sessions and natters when we each come in at the end of the day are solid proof that this is going to be a very fun year!

-Getting my foodie on with copius amounts of fresh fruit and veg. I’ve been stopping at the veg shop to stock up so my fridge has been looking satisfyingly full. Also, dried mango. Perfection!

The week has been amazing but equally bizarre. Even though I’ve been doing lots and having so much fun while I’m doing it, it has been weirdly exhausting each night when I’ve shut the door and realised I’ve got to get up the next day with a huge list of things to squeeze in. That is why I am so excited for this Sunday, to relax with my Mamma and enjoy a day with no places to go or people to see.

How has your week been? Any plans this weekend? Let me know!

Kath x

One thought on “That Friday Feeling

  1. Aww, this sounds like a great week! I miss university so much, I’m actually jealous you get to go to an English lecture (always one of my favorite subjects). Also, I’m not normally much of a carrot person, but that carrot cake looks divine. Put cream cheese frosting on anything and it becomes pretty delicious!


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