Steam Trains & Buses & Cars, Oh My!

1As Scott and I meet up less than we’d like to, we always like to spend a couple of days together doing a bit of everything. A nice day out followed by lazy evening in, lunch at a cafe then home cooked dinner and so on. As the girls have moved in, we decided last week to make the most of an empty flat and Scott came to spend a couple of nights in Glasgow. He requested we visit (I hope you figured it out from the title!) the Transport Museum. I’d heard great things and hadn’t been myself so I was keen.

We had such a fun day out! It was so easy to get to from the flat and it was lovely to be out and about by the River for some of the day, despite the chilly breeze. We snapped lots of pictures and Scott so kindly let me pose for 15 minutes and snapped away for an outfit post, despite odd glances from passers by and being on a row of houses with fairly large windows! He’s the best. In the evening we sat down for dinner before snuggling with ice cream and movies. We agreed to half the last Magnum… I was three quarters of the way through it when I remembered that. Whoops!

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve not been snapping much on days out aside from the people I’m with so there is a shortage of photos of the actual transport we saw, I’m afraid. Then again, I’m sure you’ve all seen cars and bikes before and if you are particularly interested in seeing more, would rather head down to a Transport Museum yourself! The Glasgow Riverside Museum was so brilliant. I love museums but often feel they can get repetitive. This one was definitely not! The transport was organised more in eras than anything so you not only say the vehicles, but also glimpses in to fashion, shops and the lifestyle that ran alongside them. It made for such an interesting combination, I’m totally not surprised it has won awards!

I picked up a beautiful postcard to add to my collection as a little keepsake in the gift shop. It was one of those great shops with a combination of silly, fun trinkets and beautifully designed artwork and home ware. I had to resist a number of pricey items I fell in love with!

Anyhow, on with the show!! (or post, y’know…)
9^^Of course the first stop was the cafe to satisfy my rumbling tum. I had caesar salad, we shared chips and as Scott had already eaten a sausage roll, he went for a delicate scone with cream and jam 😉 For a museum cafe, the food was pretty good if not a little pricey for the quality. It filled us up however so we eagerly headed out in to the museum. I had to resist stopping and admiring all the retro designs en route for food!^^3^^We of course made the most of all the interactive parts of the museum too. This is Scott in the tunnel looking mighty fine as ever *swoon*. Are you allowed to swoon over your boyfriend or is that mainly reserved for celebrity pin ups/ boybands/ dreamy actors etc.? Ah, well, I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway…!

As well as a random tunnel or two, there was an amazing subway cart with a loop video of passengers during the way. The subway rumbled and wobbled a bit too so it felt quite lifelike. As an experienced rider of the Glasgow subway though, the volume was definitely too low. That thing could deafen you sometimes, I swear!^^10 7 6^^We were meeting Elsa for ice cream late afternoon and had been wandering around for a few hours already so headed to the Tallship for a quick look around. Scott and I are pretty experienced boat viewers after our days at the Portsmouth Dockyards last year. We know our historic ships. Hahaha. It was really interesting but we actually just spent 10 minutes on there rather than doing the whole works. Nardini’s Ice Cream call was just too strong.

It was really nice that the boat was interactive too, you could scrub the decks and see how the sailors used to sleep and dine. We made sure to contribute our bit to maintaining the boats pristine finish. Scott really loved scrubbing the decks judging by the look on his face. Hehe.

You also got the most beautiful views down the Clyde from the ship so it’s well worth a quick look, even if you’re not actually interested or short for time. ^^
4 ^^Aww, that smile. Surely that’s a sign of a fun day out?^^5 8

^^We for some reason got super hyper at this point. Now, when Scott and I get hyper, we either get really silly or really mockingly mean. My humour can get pretty sarcastic but usually I apologise a minute later in case I offended anyone (defeats the point of the joke a little, huh?!) With Scott, I’m always pretty confident he knows it’s a joke so just persist at it while he does it back. It’s very amusing. This however does not explain the ridiculous faces I decided to pull here! The worrying thing is, the ones I’m not sharing, I looked even more ridiculous!
2And a final snap of the big green sofa! It’s wonky and the picnic table we used as a perch is in the shot but I love it anyway. Scott ran and jumped up beside me just in time for the timer to go off, hehe!

As I said, this museum is so worth a visit! It was so interesting and fun and had loads to see and had great facilities and would be ideal for families or friends or couples or anyone. It ticked all the boxes for me and that is before I even consider the fact it is free entry! If you live in Glasgow or are visiting, it is well worth a visit. I know you may feel you can see a Transport museum anywhere, but it also gives really interesting facts about the history or Glasgow so visitors to the city will definitely appreciate that side of it too!

What are your favourite museums or sites to visit where you live? I’d love to know!

Kath xxx

6 thoughts on “Steam Trains & Buses & Cars, Oh My!

  1. Awww, you guys are so adorable! This sounds like a really fun local adventure. Since I’m near San Francisco, we have a lot of really awesome museums near by as well. The California Academy of Sciences currently has a skull and bone exhibit I keep hassling Reg to go to with me!


  2. You two are so cute! Reading this brought a smile to my face!
    I need to get to museums more, especially living so close to London! x

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