Making Blueberry & (Kind of) Buttermilk Pancakes

DSC_0002Lydia had a friend of hers staying the other night and they spent a while debating whether to do pancakes or bread & butter pudding for tea. Being a lover of food (*cough* greedy person) I suggested doing the pancakes for breakfast and just having both. They liked that idea. As did I! We found a blueberry pancake recipe which had great reviews but soon realised it didn’t have the buttermilk we wanted to use in it. So we just started experimenting. And y’know what? It worked. These were some of the lightest, fluffiest, tastiest pancakes I’ve ever had. I am totally on the fence about whether I prefer stacks of fat pancakes or crepes. Scott makes the best crepes most times he comes over and I love them so much. But now I know of this recipe, they are pulling in at a very close second! Really what I mean is that if you offer me pancakes in any shape or size, I’ll take them quite gladly, and probably invite you to live with me and make them every single day. Yum!

It’s a pretty simple recipe, not that different from any others. I think the key to the fluffiness was the tip Shona gave me on pancake making. Maybe you know this but I certainly didn’t so I’m going to share.

Never pat a pancake.

Simple as that! I’ve been guilty in my impatience of getting the flipper and pushing the pancake down to make the bottom cook faster, never thinking that this just completely knocks the air out. It seems only logical now, but most things do when you learn them really. So however you make pancakes, this recipe or another, just don’t pat them!

Blueberry & (Kind of) Buttermilk Pancakes- makes 18

You’ll need: 200g self raising flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1 egg, 150ml milk, 150ml buttermilk, knob better (melted), 150g blueberries, vegetable/sunflower oil, fresh fruit & syrup to serve

1. Mix together dry ingredients with a pinch of salt. Be sure to really sieve them to avoid any lumps. Make a well in the center ready for later.

2. Combine the milk, buttermilk and egg. Pour into the well gradually and whisk as you go. If it starts to look lumpy, just persist and they should disappear. Beat in the melted butter. If it really won’t come together, you could sieve the mix to get rid of lumps but that should definitely be a last resort.

3. Gently stir in about three quarters of the blueberries. The original recipe called for half but we just really like them so went for more, ahaha.

4. Heat oil in a pan. It doesn’t matter what size of pan. They keep well under a tea towel once ready so don’t need to be instantly served. A big pan means you can do 2 or 3 at a time but make sure you do a test one first… the first go is always a bit dodgy! Once your oil is hot, fold up a few bits of kitchen towel and gently wipe the oil round the pan, getting rid of any excess. If you have a non stick pan as well, just a thin coating will be plenty to stop sticking and avoids oily pancakes.

5. Cook for 3 minutes on medium heat and gently see if the underside looks ready. If not, just check again after another minute other wise you’re ready to flip and repeat! Remember not to pat here! Don’t forget to stir you mix between cooking or all the blueberries may sink to the bottom!

6. Serve with fresh fruit, including the rest of the blueberries, some syrup and a glass of orange juice and there you have some deliciously fluffy American stacked pancakes!

I’d love to see some pictures if you give these a try, my instagram is ‘thosevintagethoughts’. All links in my About page!

Enjoy 🙂

Kath xx

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