What I’m Wearing: All Change

DSC_0057DSC_0041Things are all change at the moment for me here in Glasgow. My friends are all returning to the city for university, my girlies are moving in (I’m sat beside Lydia in her room right now!) and my timetable is about to get a lot fuller. And I’m excited. But also kinda nervous. Not nervous that things aren’t going to work, just nervous that things are going to be different when I’d just got in to a routine. 

I enjoyed this summer. I worked lots, lived alone and travelled home whenever I fancied. I was super independent and didn’t really have any worries or restrictions aside from working which I could plan around. It was so fun! I think it is good to take an extended period of time to yourself to really figure out what makes you happy. I keep saying how much summer has flown by and I had so many things to accomplish that I didn’t, but as I sit and write this I realise, I accomplished even more than I planned.

  • I’ve focused more on my blog and used my free time to plan and write posts. Before, I just wrote posts and instantly published but I’ve realised my content is far more consistent and higher quality when I sit down a week in advance and get things done. I had wanted to take an online blog course, like the ones on A Beautiful Messbut time just escaped me. I know I can do that any time and for now, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made course free!
  • I’ve travelled. Not far, admittedly, only a couple of hours home or to a new part of the Borders but I’ve seen people I love all over and that has been special. I’ve taken 2 trips to England, one with all my family to the Yorkshire cottage and another to stay with my Dad & sister. They were both so much fun and reminded me how lucky I am to have all these special people around me.
  • Day trips. I have taken so many day trips to new and exciting places. Me and Hayley explored the Borders on our super fun day out, I saw a new part of London and fell in love with it, I’ve taken trips to the Science & Transport museums and I’ve explored more of Glasgow’s West End than I had before. All of those memories and experiences now hold a special place in my life and if all I’d done this summer was taken one day trip with a friend, I’d be a happy girl.

It has been a really great summer all round, even if not quite what I expected! But anyhow, I digress, for this of course began with the intentions of being only an outfit post! I just wanted to share a little bit of the excitement that is going on in my life. I’m nervous, but I’m excited. And that’s okay. I know both those emotions are a sign that something good has passed and something else is coming.

DSC_0049 DSC_0048Dress: Atalier @ House of Fraser   Shoes: Clarks   Bag: vintage 
DSC_0046Can I also just tell you how much I love my Clarks shoes? They’re real pretty. 

Kath xxx


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