STUDENT SERIES: party tips and tricks

Hello! I thought for the final post in student series I’d talk a little about party and social life. Now, I can’t know what you enjoy in your spare time currently, nor can I know what the norms are in all of your countries, cities, towns or campuses. However, I do know that the stereotype of becoming a student is drinking, partying, being lazy and getting a little crazy. For me? I enjoyed going out dancing with my friends but not all of my best nights involved alcohol or parties. I don’t want to talk too much about that aspect of things because it’s a topic that divides such opinions and I wanted this post to be more about ideas for fun parties aside from the student ‘norm’.

I’m big on festivites. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, Easter. I love them all! I was so lucky with my block. About half of the building just clicked and we had this big group of us all in the same place so we could have spontaneous hang outs of plan big shindigs. It was so great! My friends are just beginning to return to Glasgow now and I can’t wait to meet up with everyone again. One of the best parts of having a big group meant we could have big togethers. I’m talking a roast dinner for 15, Bonfire Night gatherings, Burns Night celebrations and Halloween costumes galore. I’ll tell you a bit about those below and hopefully give you some inspiration for any future parties you fancy throwing! 

If everyone chips in a few pounds, you can end up having a big spread of food or entertainment at very little between you which is great. A little each goes a long way together and it a much fairer way of doing things too. Get everyone on board to do one job or another and you’re away!

Bonfire Night

DSC_0029I wanted to do something for Bonfire Night last year. When I was younger, I remember some of my best 5th of Novembers being big gatherings with friends and family after watching the fireworks. Eating soup and hot dogs, staying up later than usually allowed, playing with my friends while the adults chatted. It always sticks in my mind as a great celebration so I decided to plan something last year! I had lots of help from Hayley to make food and in the evening we all headed out to Glasgow Green to see the bonfire then came back to eat.


Lentil & Bacon Soup

Hot Dogs with Crispy Onions

Apple & Raisin Cinnamon Crumble



Bonfire Heart- James Blunt

Firework- Katy Perry

We Are Young- FUN

We had my laptop set up in the corner with rubbishy tinsel firework decorations I created and my laptop camera open for a photobooth style thing. It was such a fun night and I’m already planning a second one for this November!

Christmas TimeDSC_0017DSC_0006

We started off the day preparing the tables which involved unscrewing the table from the top floor flat and bringing it down to the first floor flat… definitely not allowed but definitely worth it! Hayley and Matty folded napkins and made the table look beautiful as you can see above! Everyone chipped in £5 and I did a huge online Tesco shop for tablecloths, crackers, napkins, Bucks Fizz, mince pies and all the food needed for a roast dinner with all the trimmings. We cracked on cooking and surprisingly, everything went smoothly and was ready on time with food to spare after we’d all helped ourselves! It literally was like waking up on Christmas morning except I was ridiculously nervous the whole time too. It was such a relief!

We had a multi-round quiz organised and hosted by Jamie. We each had a category we made questions for and took turns to ask and answer. We also arranged a Secret Santa so exchanged gifts too. It was a much more affordable way of celebrating Christmas! DSC_0230

My secret Santa (thanks, Anna!) gave me a photobooth set which me and Jordan are modelling above! We look silly photos all evening before playing board games to see the Christmas day out. It was hot and cramped and busy and messy but it was I think my best day with my friends out of the whole year. So much fun! 

Burns Night

DSCN7476Elsa and I organised this a bit last minute but it came together really well! Not everyone could come along but there was a good group of us around for food, traditional readings and poetry, some attempted ceilidh dancing and lots of laughs. I did a full post and video montage here if you want any more ideas on how to host a Burns Night. 

I hope this has given you some ideas on ways you can celebrate with friends and do things a little less ‘studenty’ if you want to. I love hosting and so these were my favourite way to all come together in a group and just hand out with good food, fun, games and laughs. You could celebrate anything you wanted to!

I’d love to hear all about your student celebrations and hope this post gave you even a little inspiration to do something a little different with friends.

I also really hope this student week has been interesting and useful and that you’ve been able to take something out of it. Just remember to enjoy it! Relax, be yourself and you’ll soon realise the things that made you want to be there in the first place.

Kath xxx

One thought on “STUDENT SERIES: party tips and tricks

  1. Haha, well, other than Christmas we don’t celebrate these holidays in the States, but I love how you guys have gone all-out in terms of festivities! In university, my friends and I barely did anything (except maybe for St. Patrick’s day and that’s only because we used it as an excuse to drink). It’s only now that I’m 25 that we’ve started to celebrate some of our holidays like Thanksgiving without our families.


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